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Even though Google is fully committed to AI with RankBrain, link building remains extremely important to get good positions. Just that 'begging' for links or a link exchange is a typical activity that you would rather outsource. Fortunately, there are other ways to build beautiful links, either unknown or surprising. Ranging from simple to spicy, here are 12 unusual tips for it link building

Google's Matt Cutts said it back in 2014, and in March 2016 Andrey Lipattsev (Search Quality Senior Strategist) said it in a Q&A with Google about the two most important ranking factors:content. And links pointing to your website.And okay, Gary Illyes (Chief of Sunshine and Happiness, really his official title) said it in November 2016 too:Ranking without links is really, really hard.So if you don't want link building yet outsource, and you don't want to email strangers with link requests, what else can you do?

  1. Internal links count just as much

Google makes no distinction at all between external and internal links. Search for your desired keyword + company name, and link from your first page. Example: “Content Marketing + Bloom” first gives my own page about B2B content marketing in Google, perfect to support a page about content marketing only.

  1. Ask your network

As an entrepreneur you have all kinds of physical connections: suppliers, customers, industry and network organizations and charities that you sponsor. Make it digital. See if they already link to you on their site. If not, ask them in person the next time you see them. And then send them your desired link by email.

  1. Write a testimonial

In a testimonial you as a company share a positive experience with another company. Every time you hire someone, you can also write a testimonial that they'll be happy to post on their site. With link.

  1. Do an interview

Who in your industry do you really want a link from? Interview that entrepreneur or the director. Ask sharp questions, process the feedback completely and post the interview online with a photo. That will guarantee you a link and attention via their social media, and perhaps a newsletter.

  1. April 1st!

Craziness is entertaining and therefore yields links. Think of a funny fake product or a very strange news item. Keep it decent and not hurtful, of course, have at least two others take a look at it too. Send a press release at the end of March to relevant news sites in your area.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is run by volunteers who often deal with overzealous online marketers who spam links. Therefore, build a profile first: improve a number of pages on topics you really know a lot about. Then take a look this tool (Wikigrabber) what broken links there are on your topics. What would make a reader happy with a link to your content?

  1. Interview specialists with one good question

"What is your tip for…” or "What do you think is the trend for…You send that one question to the specialists in your industry. Start with the low-hanging fruit that will definitely want to cooperate. Call the specialist you really want, and mention his or her name with the others. The content you produce with this (quite easily) will certainly be linked again by those specialists.

  1. Invite yourself otherwise

Are you such a specialist but you are not in a list? When you see that, respond immediately. Send them a unique answer that complements the piece well, and you too will be in the queue. With backlink of course.

  1. Meetup with bloggers

Go to Meetup.com, sign up and search for Meetups with the word “blogger” in your area. This way you will find bloggers in your region that you can get in touch with via Meetup. You will typically find bloggers about food, design and fashion. Go to the Meetup and get to know them. What can you do for each other?

  1. newsjacking

There is news every day. Often general, and there is no translation to your industry or situation yet. Do you see an angle? Write a good article about it and spread it with photos and links to your site. Yes, this is a challenge, but it is therefore extra rewarding. Example: What will the GDPR mean for freelancers in the future?

  1. Create a free job board

This is indeed a job. But once that job board is on your site and people in your industry know where to find it, you will get vacancies. And of course they will also promote it, for example by linking to it.

  1. Image with link obligation

The image above is from Pixabay.com and I edited it with Picmonkey.com. Both free and for commercial use. I do have all rights to this image now. But, you like me here from Flickr.com get and use provided that you link to my site. This will automatically give you relevant links to your site. Regularly search for the image in Google Images and kindly email the people who use your image without a link. And yes, this tip really works. Go for images that represent a commonly used concept.

Link building with images - Bloeise

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