3 ways to motivate new and existing employees

Employee motivation tips

3 ways to motivate new and existing employees

A company is only as good as the people who work there. It's a cliché, but oh so true. Motivated and committed employees are more productive and loyal to an organisation, company or institution. But how do you ensure that you find and retain talented, experienced and driven employees?

Open communication is a good starting point. Because if you know what is going on among staff, you can respond to it to improve it. If you take your own input seriously and apply it in your business operations, employees feel valued and you make them co-owners of something they have come up with themselves. By showing that everyone can say anything to you, you ensure an open working atmosphere.

Everyone on your team needs to understand that every team member is an indispensable part of making the process run smoothly. Of the Account manager to the receptionist. From the Accountant to the Marketer. Collaboration becomes collaboration in this way. If that's your business philosophy, it also resonates with good people who to search for a job. Because especially with the improving labor market, people no longer only go for the best working conditions. Work atmosphere and career opportunities are just as important to be an ideal employer. We give you 3 ways to keep your employees motivated and, above all, loyal.

1. Be part of the team

Make sure everyone knows that their skill set and drive are indispensable to the team. Position yourself as an equal team member and not as a boss. Of course you are the one who ultimately makes the decisions, but you don't have to confirm that every time. Listen to your team and take their input seriously, you might learn something from it.

2. Really listen!

Recognize and acknowledge the skills, talents and ambitions of employees. And do something with it! That way the people doing the work feel heard and that will improve their involvement, loyalty and productivity. By listening carefully, lingering conflicts quickly come to light and you can suppress them prematurely. Most conflicts are caused by misunderstandings that go unspoken for too long.

3. Make employees responsible

Open communication in the workplace is one of the most important tools for identifying and solving problems. If something goes wrong, it is important to do something about it quickly. Ask stakeholders how they would improve business operations. Give them the responsibility and the resources to set it up the way they think it should.

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