4 tips for using printed matter as an advertising medium

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4 tips for using printed matter as an advertising medium

What do you think about when it comes to advertising? Facebook ads, ads in Google and influencers who promote a product on Instagram. But what makes these digital ways of advertising better than the old-school way? To be flyers, folders and magazines still make sense and if so, why? Read below the 4 advantages of using printing to adapt your company or service and why they still work!

1: For what belongs what

Reciprocity, 1 of the 7 principles of the godfather of marketing; Cialdini. When you put something in the hands of a potential customer, a flyer, booklet or folder, you give them something. Because this customer gets something from you, they are unconsciously more likely to take action and give something back. In the world of marketing, that's ideal, it's how you get people to buy or apply for something. Quite a good move, then, such a piece of printed matter.

2: The Rolodex

Virtually extinct in the Netherlands, but before all contacts were stored digitally, a Rolodex was a must-have accessory for the office. For those born after 1995, a Rolodex is a collection of cards held together by rings, and in which names and customer data were stored in alphabetical order. Every contact from the company ended up in this device, so they could be quickly retrieved if necessary. Nowadays everything is digital, including all the data of the person you are looking for. Another example of printed matter, business cards. They still exist and you can find them everywhere, in the car, in your wallet and especially on your desk. Business cards are a part of the past that still plays a major role. And of course they are completely offline and analog.

3: Printed matter does not end up in your spam box

The nightmare of every email marketer, the spam box. You will also recognize it yourself, emails regularly end up in your spam box, sometimes even unjustly. If you don't notice this in time, they are gone, gone forever. This is a lot more difficult with physical printed matter, you don't just throw a nice magazine or folder away. As a result, printed matter has a high chance of being seen by more people, especially if it also has a catchy appearance.

4: Give something that is a sin to throw away

Actually, point 4 is a follow-up to point 3. When you choose to use printed matter as an advertising medium, high quality is very important. And let's be honest, a beautifully designed magazine that also deals with your favorite subject, you don't just throw it away, do you? This is also the case with other types of printed matter. A beautiful poster or flyer sticks nicely and rarely ends up in the waste bin.



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