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Amazon comes in February 2020 to the Netherlands and now offers online retailers an easy way to quickly get started with e-commerce. The features on Amazon are easy to use, but the selling itself is the real challenge. Five tips to sell more on Amazon.

Curious about the typical Amazon terms? Read the Amazon Marketing Basics.

Think of a good title

People do headhunting. Think about how we read the newspaper: we scan the headline and if we find it fascinating we read the article. Then the chance is greatest that we have only remembered the headline and can no longer tell the content of the article.

If you come up with a good, attractive title, the chances are that the product will stick. Therefore always state the brand name of the item, the name of the item itself and where the item distinguishes itself. That can be, for example, the color or size.

An example: Deluxe silicone teat - without BPA - set of 2 - in blue and red

That's a great title that covers the entire load. Even if the description is not read, the customer still knows what the product is.

Place the correct product image

Images draw the buyer across the line. That is why Amazon has strict rules for the use of images. They must be clear, without too much 'noise' and uniform. You do well to use an image with a white background. Amazon has discovered that this sells much better than images with a background.

Try to prevent texts in images. So don't put 'Made in China' in the image. On the image it is best to show only the product, so that there is no confusion about which accessories are included and not included in the purchase.

Drawing: Selling on Amazon

What is your strategy for selling a product on Amazon?

Tell us what your product can do

That brings us to the next point: be clear about what your product is. Use short sentences for this. It really has to be a sales pitch, not a short guide. Make the product as attractive as possible, but stay close to the truth.

Use bulletpoints and keywords

Bullet points are a good way to organize features. The first three bullet points must be used for the most important characteristics of the product. You use the fourth and fifth bullet points to answer frequently asked questions about the product. For example, with a mattress protector you can place:


You can use keywords on Amazon. A good way to find keywords is to type in any item from your niche at Amazon. You will then receive all kinds of suggestions for products that you could also sell. Amazon search results are based on their own A9 algorithm. This is based on the most popular searches.

Get good reviews

People buy from people. Do others think your product is good and do they leave a positive review? Then there is a good chance that others are also interested. Therefore, do your best to sell a good product and provide the best service. That is only a real sales booster. You can also read more about this here review marketing and here's how you can best deal with Amazon reviews.

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