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Finished Dutch Netflix, but do you still have big binge-watch cravings? Then switch to American Netflix! You fix that in no time with a VPN connection. Enjoy undisturbed and unabashedly looking further. And it's also safe. With the tips from this blog you are sure to get started with the best VPN connection.

Media companies such as Netflix do not have the same rights in every country. Content is only shown in those countries where Netflix has the rights. That is why the offer is much greater in some countries than in others. By bypassing this geographical blockade with a VPN connection, you can watch American Netflix and increase your offer with three times as many films and series. But one VPN does much more.

Browse the internet securely and privately with VPN

In addition to bypassing geoblocks, a VPN secures your connection and also protects your privacy. The VPN encrypts your personal data and makes you anonymous in this way. So in addition to unlimited Netflix, it also offers you a lot of security without noticing. If you use a VPN, no one can see what data you send over the internet or where you come from. Your data is routed through a VPN server. So so safe. And for the sake of completeness: using a VPN connection is completely legal in the Netherlands.

The best VPN connection for you

Best VPN connection selection

Any program you use can use your VPN connection. Therefore, in addition to watching American Netflix, you can also safely play online games or stream videos. To make this run as smoothly as possible, you naturally want the best VPN connection. But where do you start looking? First check some VPN reviews: you want to compare the VPN providers on price, number of servers, speed and service. To get you started, look at these points that a good VPN connection should in any case have:

  1. First try with trial period: First try out whether a VPN is something for you? Some VPN providers offer a free trial period before purchasing a subscription. This way you are not committed to anything, and you can still test the service.
  2. VPN that just does it without the hassle: unless you're a super geek (nothing wrong with that!), you probably don't have the faintest idea how to set up a VPN or what to do with it. That is why it is important to choose a VPN provider that makes it super easy for you to get started.
  3. VPN where you want it: streaming in a country of your choice is only possible if the VPN provider has servers in that country. Therefore, make sure that your VPN connection supports those countries that you want to use: the Netherlands or Belgium. If you want to use your VPN connection abroad, first check the local legislation. For example, Russia and China ban the use of VPN because of their internet control.
  4. Fast! Loading an hour before you can watch a program? That's not Netflix & Chill. Therefore, opt for a VPN connection that is lightning fast.
  5. Guarantee: even after your trial period you may run into issues with your VPN connection. Do you find that you can't stream from the countries you envisioned, or are you not getting the results you expected? In that case, a VPN provider with a 'money back' guarantee is ideal. You can just search for this.

The benefits of a VPN connection are clear: bypassing privacy, security, and geographic boundaries. Are you planning to purchase a VPN connection? Then take these five requirements into account. Choose a VPN provider with fast servers in key locations, with a clear interface. Make sure to pick one with a free trial and money back guarantee. Finally, you naturally want good connections and a tight speed. Follow these tips and you will be provided with a top VPN connection.


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  • Lester says:

    Thanks for the tip. For everyone who reads this after me and doesn't (like me) want to figure everything out for themselves:
    1. Get a VPN. I have NordVPN. ProtonVPN also works.
    2. Install the VPN
    3. Connect to a US server in the VPN app
    4. Launch Netflix on your device.
    5. Netflix and chilllll

    This all seems logical, but step 3 is especially important. It took me 45 minutes to find out that I had used the quick connect, which meant I was on a Dutch server.

    Good luck!!!

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