Amsterdam-Delta in top three best startup ecosystems in Europe

Amsterdam-Delta - third best startup ecosystem in Europe

Amsterdam-Delta in top three best startup ecosystems in Europe

Amsterdam-Delta* is the third best startup ecosystem in Europe. This is evident from the Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking released today. From a European perspective, Amsterdam-Delta now only has to tolerate London and Stockholm. Last year, Amsterdam was still in fifth place in Europe, after London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm. Worldwide, Amsterdam-Delta is now in 12th place (last year 15th), the list is led by Silicon Valley.

Every year Startup Genome publishes the global startup ecosystem report. More than 1 million companies in 300 tech ecosystems are analyzed to provide a deep understanding of which startup ecosystems in the world are performing best. The report is an important indicator for realizing the ambition of the Netherlands and to place the Netherlands in the global top 5 of startup countries and in the number one position in Europe. The index is based on figures from 2019, the effect of the corona pandemic on startups worldwide and in the Netherlands is not included.

According to Genome, Amsterdam-Delta owes its place in the European top three mainly to the high degree of social and logistical connection with the rest of the world, the increasingly mature investment climate and the extent to which Dutch start-ups are tapping into markets worldwide. The growth of companies such as payment company Adyen also contributes to the high ranking. Adyen's market value was over $30 billion in June 2020, according to Genome.

In addition, Genome is impressed by the strong Dutch performance in Agtech & New Food and Life Sciences. Examples include Picnic, the online grocery platform that raised an investment of $275 million in 2019, and Vegetarian Butcher, a meat replacement startup with 2,600 points of sale in 13 countries that was acquired by Unilever in 2018.

Points of improvement
Series A+ funding in terms of numbers and size compared to our EU counterparts remains a challenge. Although a record $1.4 billion was invested in startups in the Netherlands in 2019, the median series A round was only $2.4 million. That is more than 10 percent below the global average. The Amsterdam-Delta ecosystem also scored very poorly on Knowledge, defined as the impact of publications and research and the volume of patents in the ecosystem. There is a great opportunity for improvement here. Also, the number of successful exits lags behind the number of the European list, Stockholm. Number one in Europe, London, scores better on VC activity and overall performance.

Recovery of the Netherlands
Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate: “This Genome Ranking shows that we are succeeding in making the Netherlands increasingly attractive to tech companies. The number of investors is increasing and we are among the four best connected startup hubs in the world. More and more start-ups are working from the Netherlands on solutions for global challenges, thereby creating jobs and income here. This puts us in the top three in Europe. At the same time, COVID-19 has hit our startups hard. That is why I will continue to make every effort to keep our country a good home base for start-ups. In this way they can grow and continue to contribute to job growth and the recovery of the Dutch economy.”

Special Envoy of, Constantijn van Oranje: “This success is the result of the efforts of all people and institutions in the Netherlands who are committed to the tech ecosystem. In the first place the entrepreneurs themselves, but also the investors, policy makers, incubators, universities, colleges and knowledge centers. Tech kept us running when the whole world came to a standstill due to corona. This allowed us to work from home, receive education, have groceries delivered and quickly produce medical devices when needed. We now desperately need this flexibility and innovative strength in the recovery of the Netherlands. Now we need to push through to make sure what we've built in 10 years isn't wiped out by Covid19. Now we need to ensure that we continue to invest in tech companies and in an ecosystem that produces, attracts and retains the best companies, talent, technology and investors.”

View the entire report here. 

*Amsterdam-Delta, covers the area of Amsterdam and a hundred kilometers around it

Photo source: Rutger Huizenga, Communications Lead on 25-06-2020

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