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Guest blog by Nigel Hooijmans van Pitch Parrot

An animation is often seen as the perfect sales pitch that you tell time and time again. The power of animation video is clear: it grabs the visitor's attention in a different way than text does. But what's so powerful about animation and why does it work?

The conversion rate of an animation is many times higher than for textual sales pages or information pages. People are more quickly convinced of the product, service or service that you provide.

Why animation is stronger than text

A piece of text deters rather than attracts. A video, on the other hand, can produce the opposite effect, if used correctly. Explaining a product, service or service can be difficult in text form and usually results in a page with more than 1000 words. Not everyone wants to be convinced by text alone. It takes more than that.

Nowadays we watch a video at least once a day. 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That shows how the internet is changing. A few years ago you were a pioneer with a well-stocked YouTube channel. Now all you have to do is stand out from the crowd of video content.

Video is an important part of the sales process. We use much more senses than we do when reading a text. Our hearing, sight and feeling are put to the test when watching a video.

By means of animation you can come out even stronger than you do with a 'normal' video. A short explanation animation of about 1 minute may be enough to give the viewer a feeling of what you want the viewer to have.

With the help of characters you can generate a feeling that enters the customer. You determine the feeling that the viewer gets. By writing a good script and dealing cleverly with characters in the animation, you arouse a certain desire in the viewer. With animation you can strengthen the desire for your solution even better than with text. Hit the pain points and make sure the viewer really needs your product or service.

Stand out from the crowd with animation

Having an animation made is (still) incredibly original content. More and more companies are looking for unique ideas to get started with content and some came across animations. Still, if you start looking at the competitor, you will rarely find company animations. That's where you can make a difference and make more of an impact than the competition.

When we do a search on YouTube about the paste a tire, the result is a page with videos in person about how to stick a tape. You will not see any animation in this list of results, while this can be a good way to explain the process. In terms of explanation, an animation video does not necessarily have to be better than the videos that are already there. But it distinguishes itself from the other videos. That is an opportunity that you as a company should take with both hands. Be unique, be different from the competition and make more impact with animation.

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