As an entrepreneur, choose your internet subscription smartly

As an entrepreneur, choose your internet subscription smartly

As an entrepreneur, choose your internet subscription smartly

Whatever industry you work in, every entrepreneur needs one thing: accessibility. If customers cannot find or reach you, the chimney does not smoke. Because the vast majority of customer communication nowadays goes through the internet, concluding a good, reliable internet subscription is one of the first priorities for starting entrepreneurs. However, even for entrepreneurs who may have had an Internet subscription for years, it is highly advisable to revise that subscription from time to time. Fortunately, that is very easy.

Determine your wishes

Delving into telecom subscriptions is something that only starting entrepreneurs to do. Experienced entrepreneurs often do not take the time for this. Until things go wrong and the glitches strike; after all, the pain of not being online (and therefore not reachable) is felt. It is much wiser not to wait for that moment and to take the time every year to determine whether your subscriptions still meet your needs. But what are your wishes? How do you determine it?

Most entrepreneurs only look at two facets: speed and price. Of course it is important what the costs of your internet connection are and what download speed you get in return, but there are more factors that can influence your preference.

For example, each provider uses a different one modem, which has an impact on the quality of your WiFi connection (wireless Internet). And for example, have you considered what for connection type you prefer? Fiber optic, cable or DSL? Fiber optic is incredibly fast and your upload speed is the same as your download speed, but you pay more for it. And cable internet is often faster than DSL, but you do share that speed with your environment. Is there a busy office next to your business premises? Then there is a risk that they will pull a lot of internet speed away from the cable during office hours. All things to keep in mind.

Compare internet providers

Compare internet providers

Comparing all the different providers (and there are a lot of them!) Is, as I said, very simple. You can reach all providers of online in an easily accessible way compare the internet. You can indicate which characteristics the connection must meet (speed, price, connection type, etc.) and then sort, for example by price. You can simply choose the cheapest provider, but it is advisable to take some time to orientate yourself well after the comparison.

Check conditions and one-off costs

After all, you want to know what you are signing for. Are there (hidden) one-off costs, for example for a technician or modem? Are you tied to a long-term contract or is it 'just' an annual contract? And what about changing your package in the meantime, is that free of charge or do you have to pay? What happens if your wireless signal is disappointing, is that solved for free or do you have to hire an expensive engineer? Pay attention! As an entrepreneur you are less well protected by law than consumers.

Check these things carefully, for example on the website of the provider you chose after your comparison, before you conclude a contract. After that moment, by the way, you still have a 14-day legal cooling-off period, so if you have missed something, no man is overboard. This is how you smartly choose your internet subscription!

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