As a starting entrepreneur I would like to hear these tips

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As a starting entrepreneur I would like to hear these tips

You are thinking about starting your own business or maybe you have just started it? Becoming an entrepreneur is a big leap forward. You replace the certainty of a permanent job with your own control and accountability. You will finally receive a wage according to commitment. But after that first jump, more will follow. And then you really get into the deep. I would like to hear these tips as a starting entrepreneur, and I share them with you.

Starting a business: what should you look out for?

In the role of employee you still have more certainty and more control. Every month you are assured of an amount in your bank and you know what is expected of you at work. And now as a starting entrepreneur you suddenly have to do it yourself and maybe even do it all by yourself. That means figuring everything out and taking responsibility for every aspect of your business. Tension and uncertainty can prevail if assignments are not received. After starting several own companies, I found out a number of basic steps for myself. They offer me more certainty and less tension when starting my own business.

4 Tips for starting entrepreneurs

What you have to arrange administratively and what practical steps you need to take, I leave to the website of the Chamber of Commerce. These are four major tips that give you focus and progress as a starting entrepreneur:

Tip 1: Ask for help

Who in your area, or outside, can help you? Who is successful? This does not only have to be entrepreneurs, because your brother-in-law or neighbor can also be a handy marketer or accountant. Make contact, prepare well and ask questions. We are happy to talk about achieved successes. Learn from it and find out what made them successful. Make sure that you are complete when you speak to someone, so that you do not keep coming up with one more question, because that quickly becomes annoying.

Tip 2: Work hard on your own company

It is really a myth that entrepreneurship is easy. If this is your reason to start for yourself, you start with the wrong approach. Yes, you have your own freedom to fill in your day at your own discretion and to decide what you do and don't do. But that freedom also requires responsibility and commitment. Especially in the initial period it is hard work, making meters and running production. When someone tells you it is all easy, they assume that you already understand how much work it is to make your own business successful.

Financial insight with simple accounting program for entrepreneurs

Tip 3: Grip on your finances with an accounting program

Measuring is knowing. You must have financial insight to make the right choices. Which product groups provide the most margin? Which customers deliver the most? What kind of assignments do you do most and could you specialize in them? You get these insights when you capture everything from the start. So think carefully about this immediately: use one simple accounting program? Are you going to be offline or on-line accounting? Do you do it yourself or do you outsource the finances or do you just have the annual statement checked? The administration is probably not what you are waiting for, but it gives you so many valuable insights. Definitely go one compare accounting program to be sure that you choose an accounting program that suits you well. For example, there is Teamleader, an all-in-one CRM systemproject management tool and invoice program that you can use to also optimize your workflow and thus have an optimal grip on your company.

Tip 4: Dream big, but start small

You can do much more than you think. Therefore, dream big. Dreams inspire enormously and give you a clear picture of where you want to go. Start small though. What is the first step? And the second one. If you are moving, it is easier to make adjustments and move on. Often you just start and in doing so new opportunities will naturally come closer to helping you reach your goal.

Good luck with your adventure! Do you have tips that helped you and are not listed above? Add them in the comments to help other starting entrepreneurs.

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