Get rid of physical – Online consumer trend 2019

out with physical - esports - online consumer trend 2019

Get rid of physical – Online consumer trend 2019

The rise of virtual assistants is a result of the major digitization trend. Everything that can go digital will also go digital. Exactly according to the step-by-step plan of the experience economy Millennials, in particular, value experiences more than things. According to a poll by the AD for example, we would rather go on vacation than renovate the house. In 2019, this will take interesting forms, especially worldwide:

  • cannabis. In 2018, the US legal cannabis market was already worth $10.4 billion, and Canada is also participating. Parties such as the manufacturer of Marlboro and Lucky Strike and Coca Cola (but looks However from) consider a investment in cannabis. The question is: why is the Netherlands not participating? The expertise and talent is there and is now being exported, on the one hand due to a fairly constant ask and on the other hand by current legislation.
  • esports. As a term it is at almost 70% of internet users in the US and the UK. In the Netherlands, esports is growing twice as fast as in the EU, according to research by PayPal and Superdata. And while the market for esports was good for only $ 9.4 million in 2017, for 2018 it was estimated at almost $ 11.5 million and for 2019 at $ 14.5 million, more than 1.3 million Dutch people watched regular live streams in 2018. of games. Of the 18- to 35-year-olds, the millennials, watch 23% at least once a month, reports Multiscope early 2018. At the end of October of 2018, it even became the first Dutch hub for Esports launched.
  • de-kitchen. The Swiss Investment Bank UBS expects online food delivery to grow from $ 35 billion globally today to $ 365 billion by 2030. The growth will come from millennials who stop using their kitchens, lower prices and the emergence of 'dark kitchens' : cheap kitchens that produce for platforms. As a result, restaurants and fast food chains such as McDonalds will also need fewer kitchens.

This is one of nine online consumer trends 2019. Read all nine consumer trends here: The year of Standardization. 


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