Down with the Wmz!


You can on it Bill Minimum Remuneration Self-Employed and Self-Employed Declaration respond via an internet consultation. This is my personal reaction as an independent entrepreneur:

As an entrepreneur, you want to engage in entrepreneurship.

But this bill results in a shipload of administrative obligations, which will most likely be poorly or moderately checked by the tax authorities. These obligations will soon apply to all entrepreneurs and clients, not just the high and low paid.

This bill costs every entrepreneur a lot of time and therefore money. Under penalty of heavy fines.
How do you make the entrepreneurial Netherlands even more difficult? The Wmz.
And moreover, doing business more uncertain? The Wmz.
You can only conclude that the people behind the Wmz simply do not know what it is like to do business.

This bill painfully misses its target.

Fake constructions at the top are actually legalized by the government. “Employees” with a minimum of 75 euros per hour are also excluded from payroll tax and contributions.
The bill does nothing about sham constructions and also saddles low-paid people with a multitude of complex administrative obligations.

The Wmz also saddles the Tax and Customs Administration with an impossible task. 

It must assess whether or not workers are entrepreneurs in order to qualify for tax incentives for entrepreneurs.
Because of course we don't all make that paperwork for nothing. Or is it?
How optimally is the Tax and Customs Administration currently running? Has the reorganization been successfully completed?
What is the occupation of senior staff like after that generous severance package?
What impact will the allowance affair have?

And that is separate from the perils of outdated systems.

The Court of Auditors indicated on 15 May 2019 (See Court of Auditors' news item 'Extra money is hard to roll') that the IT problems at the Tax Authorities will continue for at least 6 (SIX) years, as a result of the staff shortage. Last year that was no less than 12% of the total workforce: 3450 full-time vacancies. I hope that employees of the Tax and Customs Administration will also respond to this internet consultation. You can only conclude that the people behind the Wmz simply have not thought about the implementation by the tax authorities.

The Wmz will make doing business more difficult and more uncertain.
The Wmz will hardly be able to be checked.
In short? The Wmz is a disaster waiting to happen.

Down with the Wmz!

Thomas Lapperre


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