Black Friday 2020: which gadgets will we be buying en masse this year?

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Black Friday 2020: which gadgets will we be buying en masse this year?

Black Friday 2020 is just around the corner and the first (web) stores are already lifting tips of their discount veil. So it's high time to see what cool gadgets we can expect on sale this year!

Black Friday and Consumer Electronics: Why the Best Discounts Now?

Black Friday is typically a time of year when a lot of consumer electronics go on sale and are sold at a discount. But why is that so? Why are the devices with a plug or a battery that fly over the counter?

The main reason for this phenomenon is the fact that innovative developments in the field of consumer electronics are generally relatively fast. Think of smartphones: every major brand comes up with a new variant every year. So a new iPhone, or a new Samsung Galaxy. This means that stores that sell such a smartphone, already have an obsolete model in their range after twelve months. The demand for that model is falling – after all, everyone wants the latest – but it is still in your warehouse. And that costs space, money and ultimately depreciation costs.

Electronics are therefore relatively often on sale during days like Black Friday, to get rid of large stocks. Retail chains buy in large quantities, because running out of stock is already deadly for your turnover. But having large numbers left over also costs unnecessary money. So it is a matter of balancing on a thin rope. Also in the Netherlands.

Of course, all this does not mean that you can only buy obsolete, old stuff during Black Friday. The newest models are often also on sale, but the discount on the outdated models is simply slightly higher. Those models are generally still excellent, because even a year ago excellent electronics were made.


The cautious prediction for this year is that things could go wild during Black Friday. Many people have not been on holiday and have been able to shop much less this year than they are used to or would have liked. This is reflected in the trend of self-gifting: pampering yourself with a physical gift. This can be typical self-pampering products, such as a pot of bath foam or a nice scent. But feel free to think bigger too: a new television, a surround set or a tablet. The budget for that missed holiday is being spent well.

With all that in mind, what will be the trending purchases this year during Black Friday? What can you expect a discount on? We've listed eight for you, with a handy demo video to immediately see what we're talking about. And Yes, the basis for this list was our own wish list!

1. AirPods or Galaxy Buds

Now that you no longer get a set of earphones with the latest iPhone, the demand for AirPods will only increase. Also super handy during a day of working from home and many times more practical than wired earphones (which, let's face it, always get tangled). Incidentally, not only the AirPods are in demand, but also Samsung's counterpart: the Samsung Galaxy Buds. It's not cheap, so a nice Black Friday deal can push many people over the threshold to buy a set.

2. Nintendo Switch

There is only one Nintendo of course. The Nintendo Switch has been popular for years among children, teenagers, young adults and men who have remained a little bit of adolescence on the inside. In short: about half of the population. Especially this year, playing games and therefore gaming has really taken off – after all, we couldn't go to the pub or the sports field – and that also translates into the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, among others. They are expensive though: more than three hundred euros for a new one. With a nice discount, however, it suddenly becomes an ideal Sinterklaas gift.

3. Headphones: Sony WH-100XM 3 or 4

Noise canceling headphones, that is. Ideal while working from home, especially if you live in a noisy terraced house or noisy apartment complex. Headphones that allow you to completely disconnect from your surroundings and work, play games or watch a movie undisturbed have become extremely popular this year. According to many connoisseurs, the best of the moment is the Sony WH-1000XM4, which automatically means that the Sony WH-1000XM3 – one variant ago, so – will probably be heavily on offer. And for the record: it's also really great. So make the most of it.

4. iPhone 12

This is one of those purchases that you make out of feeling sorry for yourself because that Cape Verde vacation couldn't go on. Smashing 1200 euros on an iPhone 12 Pro with 256 GB storage capacity is something you don't do every day. This is going to be the big difference between Black Friday in 2020 versus previous years. People are going to be willing to make these kinds of purchases. The iPhone 12 will not just go on sale in the individual sale, but telecom providers will offer it with a discount if you take a subscription with them. So wait a little longer before renewing.

By the way: those telecom providers still have mountains of iPhones 11. So expect very high discounts there.

5. Smart doorbell

We are again in the dark days of the year and that is an ideal time to make your home a little extra safer with a smart doorbell. The Ring Video Doorbell is your best option – because the app is incredibly comprehensive and practical to use – but it costs a lot of money. This is especially true if you expand it with a few Chimes, with which you 'just' hear a doorbell in the house instead of just via your phone. A complete Ring set will normally cost you hundreds of euros. During Black Friday we expect a nice discount on the penultimate version of the Ring - the Video Doorbell 2 - which is of excellent quality and has no real disadvantage compared to the latest version (the 3).

One drawback: you will need a subscription to use all options. However, at thirty euros per year, those costs are not too bad.

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Mamibot EXVAC680S (2019)

And not the iRobot Roombas you see everywhere; we're expecting sharp prices on the 2019 Mamibot EXVAC680S. This is the perfect example of consumer electronics being heavily discounted during Black Friday: an obsolete model from a brand that isn't the most popular. But make no mistake: this device is of excellent quality! So keep it in the poll.

7. PocketBook Color

For the people who completely rediscovered reading during the lockdown: a PocketBook Color is everything you expect from an e-reader in 2020. A beautiful screen, fully in color, lightweight and the battery lasts forever. Because a trip to the library is no fun at the moment: keep PocketBooks in mind.

8.PlayStation 5

Is it a coincidence that the new PlayStation will hit the market a week before Black Friday? Is the Pope Protestant? It will cost around 500 euros and will be released literally a week before Black Friday. That makes the new PlayStation 5 the ideal purchase for under the Christmas tree or in Sinterklaas's bag. Just don't expect a discount a week after release.

You should expect that discount on the PlayStation 4 Pro, the predecessor of the 5 and now a few years old. All games from the coming years will still be released for the PlayStation 4, and the Pro version is already an upgrade from the original PlayStation 4, so you are definitely not buying a pig in a poke. In fact, with a nice discount, this is an excellent opportunity for the seasoned bargain hunter.

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