Black Friday fully established; 95% young people are considering purchasing

Black Friday fully established; 95% young people are considering purchasing

Black Friday fully established; 95% young people are considering purchasing

Friday is the day: Black Friday, the international bargain festival that has blown over from America. Research by, in collaboration with Ruigrok NetPanel, shows that 95% of the Dutch is now familiar with Black Friday. Friday is therefore much more famous than the online shopping day Cyber Monday (63%). In the Netherlands, many online stores make it a Black Friday weekend or week.

Many Dutch people are already used to that: 53% expects that most (web) stores will have promotions and offers throughout the week. Nevertheless, the largest group indicated that they would only make purchases on Friday. “Consumers can wait, but I expect that many web stores will spread their offers and not wait with the best offers until Black Friday, the Friday before Sinterklaas. You already see many newsletters from (web) stores with advance announcements of the discounts that will be given next week. We therefore recommend consumers to order on time”, Says Richard van Welie, research editor at

Black Friday as a tradition

Of all Dutch people, 74% is considering using the Black Friday discounts; under Generation Z (14 to 22 years old) this is even 95%. Consumers mainly associate Black Friday with commerce (56%) and high discounts (53%). “Young people who grow up with Black Friday may see it as a new tradition. 16% from Generation Z already sees Black Friday as a tradition, compared to only 3% of the millennials (23 to 37 years old).

Dutch people mainly go for clothing and electronics

Eight out of ten Dutch people say they don't feel guilty if they only buy heavily discounted items. In addition, 40% indicates that it plans to buy clothes. “In 2018, Black Friday also resulted in an increase of 113% in online clothing sales in the week of Black Friday,” says Van Welie. Also consumer electronics did well during the Black Friday days in 2018, with an increase of 171% over the average weekly online sales (source: GfK). One in five buyers say they plan to make a purchase in that category this year.

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