Blooming with a sharp pen – Online communication agency Bloeise started

Flowery photo by Daniël Roozing Photography.

Blooming with a sharp pen – Online communication agency Bloeise started

Flowery photo by Daniël Roozing Photography.

Photo by Daniel Roozing Photography.

Den Helder – October 18. A sharp pen. The new Helderse communication agency Bloeise does not need anything more to achieve more turnover, more reach and more customer loyalty for its customers. Those are quite a few promises, but Thomas Lapperre does not turn his hand to it. After having worked at VVV Texel for 4 years as Head of Marketing & Communication, he started his own business on 1 October.

“Entrepreneurship involves the necessary risks, but also freedom and the satisfaction of being in control. I decided to leave VVV Texel to focus on Bloeise full-time. A big step. But it feels very good!” says Lapperre.

Texts and content
“Voicing is my forte. If you want to join the internet now, you need texts and content. Everyone is present on the internet, but what added value do you offer your customers? How do you enter into a dialogue as a company?” Lapperre wonders. “People often just get 'internet'. What I offer is a structural commitment. I'm working on your visibility on Google. Or Facebook. With the right content you will automatically be found and shared.” explains Lapperre.

“Placing your business online is becoming increasingly important. The store vacancy rate is parallel to the success of a Zalando. Many companies don't realize it yet, but things have been changing for a long time. Bloeise helps companies to grow. Right now.”

Dutch Cowboys
“On my site I give free tips and advice in my blogs. And since Friday I also write as a blogger Dutch Cowboys: the largest weblog in the Netherlands about online marketing.” says Lapperre with some pride.


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