Blossom is looking for Online copywriter – Home work freelance / part-time

online freelance copywriter

Blossom is looking for Online copywriter – Home work freelance / part-time

This vacancy is now closed.   

Do you have a passion for writing and can you do it well? Are you looking for an interesting side job or extra assignments? Bloeise is looking for help writing business texts. je works mainly from home and schedule your own working day.


As an online copywriter you write texts for the internet: blogs, website texts, articles and white papers. You can switch in your writing style, from smooth and tutoyering to businesslike and abstract. You (really) mind language errors and you know how to stick to the common thread.

You get your information online, where you know where to find, evaluate and apply source information, but also by interviewing specialists by telephone. Whether it is about polymer additives, loyalty marketing or Office 365, you will take on the role of your target group and you will investigate and answer the logical questions about the subject. You can tune the commercial sound in a text, from objective to promotional. You can switch between estimating work and performing it. In addition to text writing, you are also interested in the marketing side: keywords, SEO and writing to conversion.


Bloeise is a sole trader, an online marketing & communication agency set up by Thomas. He is very tall, can be very lengthy with his story but knows exactly how to make his customers happy. And now he has too many. Bloeise's B2B customers focus on content marketing: high-quality texts that inform and convince readers, are found well in Google and convert them to customers.


You will be responsible for writing various qualitative B2B texts within a set time.


You start your workday at home. You open Word, Google, your mail and your music. You see a new assignment in the mail for a blog about location based marketing and immediately check if you have enough input to get started. You read the feedback e-mails on your completed assignments, tick two quickly and put one for today's planning, that was the white paper of 1,500 words.

You first decide to start the new assignment and do an extensive search on Google for location based marketing. Dutch offers too little information, so you switch to English. You find all kinds of texts and use them as the basis for a quick article about location based marketing.

The article is almost finished when you see it is time to prepare for your interview. The person you interview knows everything about the GDPR, but not how he gets it nicely on paper. With your why, how and what questions you get a clear picture about the subject. You type while talking and you ask for real practical examples with which you can explain in detail what the GDPR will mean for self-employed people without employees. Immediately after the interview you set up the first storyline that you can use to finish the article in a moment.

Now it's time for lunch, which you also use to go shopping and do the dishes. Then you start with the feedback on the white paper. Two points are not entirely clear, and you note them for the call with Thomas later in the afternoon. First you just tick that location based marketing article and then the GDPR interview. Before you submit it definitively, check your work a few more times, because mistakes in your work are simply not possible.

In the afternoon you discuss the status with Thomas. It is going well and the customers are satisfied with you. The feedback on the white paper is now clear to you and in your last hour you ensure that it is returned to the customer. Your day is already over!


  • Variety in the assignments;
  • Working from home, from abroad in consultation;
  • Salary appropriate to the level of your work;
  • Continuous learning and growth in the role of copywriter, content marketer or online marketer;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • 8 to 16 hours per week in consultation;
  • Part-time via payroll or freelance as a freelancer;


  • Masters the Dutch text in speech and writing, can also write in English;
  • Has demonstrable writing experience and always wants to learn to write better;
  • Can work in Microsoft Word and WordPress. You quickly master a new CMS;
  • Can work independently well, goes for quality and can communicate clearly;
  • Is meticulous, curious and likes to learn;
  • Can switch, ring the bell and verify on time;
  • German or perfect English is a plus;
  • Workable SEO knowledge is an advantage;

Diplomas are not required. You can write for an HBO audience. You can respond even if you do not fully meet the job description but you are really interested. Due to the diversity of assignments, the interpretation is flexible. You will always continue to learn in this position.


Send your resume and motivation letter to I am curious who you are, where you want to go and what match you see with this position. After the first introductory meeting in Den Helder, I ask you to write a sample text of 500 words. After the second job interview I will make you a proposal and you can start immediately.

This vacancy is now closed. New applications are no longer processed. Every applicant will receive a personal message. Thank you for all the responses. 


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