BNO launches brand new publication: Dd, Dutch designers Magazine

BNO launches brand new publication: Dd, Dutch designers Magazine

BNO launches brand new publication: Dd, Dutch designers Magazine

After six years, Dude Magazine is making way for a new series of BNO publications, of which Dd, Dutch designers Magazine is the first. Under the motto RESET, the new magazine explores the new reality.

Full of conversations, dialogues, interviews, work sessions and practical cases, Dd, Dutch designers Magazine dives into the world of designers and the creative community around them. In 116 richly illustrated pages, Dd Magazine presents stories by and about designers: what work do they make, what fascinates them, how do they run their business and how do they relate to current developments in society?

The new edition will be published on Saturday 11 July. The second new BNO publication will follow later this year: Dd, Dutch designers Yearbook with a look back at the past year and attention to acclaimed designers and new talents.

D magazine collage spread

Image provided by Dutch designers Magazine

BNO director Madeleine van Lennep about the disappearance of Dude: “It was time for a different magazine, in a different interaction with what BNO brings online. Editor-in-chief Freek Kroesbergen and studio de Ronners have managed to translate that ambition fantastically.”


The first issue highlights the world of Overtreders W, Vincent de Boer, Thom Bindels, Amanda Pinatih, Ex Interiors, Anouk Beckers, Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn, DOGMA and Ward Goes, among others. The magazine links to related content on, which creates interaction between these media. A live event will follow after the summer in connection with the magazine in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Freek Kroesbergen: “In recent times, accelerated by the corona crisis, we have been working on even better ways to serve up our knowledge and stories, online and through our new publications. Our ultimate goal? A multimedia platform for discussion and inspiration, with content for and by design professionals. This year we are the first to explore the role of designers in the new future in our two publications and online under the motto RESET.”

Dd, Dutch designers Magazine is distributed free of charge to designers and agencies affiliated with BNO. In addition, the magazine is available in a select number of book and museum stores. Non-members can order the magazine for € 15 (excl. shipping costs) via while stocks last.

About Dd Magazine
Dd, Dutch designers Magazine was designed by studio de Ronners. The printing and binding was done by Tuijtel printing company, on Antalis paper in collaboration with Arctic Paper. Cover: Artic Volume White 200 g/mhy2, inside: Artic Volume White 115 g/m2 and Tom&otto Gloss 130 g/m2. Dd Magazine is printed climate neutral. More information and orders on the site. ISSN 2667-002X © BNO 2020

About the BNO
The Professional Organization of Dutch Designers (BNO) connects, represents and strengthens the design sector. The BNO was founded by and for designers. The history of the association goes back more than a hundred years. Now the BNO is the largest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands, with a professional team that supports and promotes designers and their work.

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