Branding and your own corporate identity in a digital world

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Branding and your own corporate identity in a digital world

Every self-respecting company of any size has its own house style. A corporate identity does not only consist of a flashy logo and a smooth website design, but includes everything that has to do with external communication and marketing. Large companies often have detailed books that explain exactly which fonts are used, which words can be used and whether the customer is addressed as 'you' or 'you'. But how does that work for small businesses?

Having a house style is also of added value for smaller companies. many entrepreneurs to think that branding and having their own house style have died a quiet death in this digital age, but paradoxically, the digital revolution only reinforces its importance. After all, there is much more content, so you have to remain recognizable; so have your logo designed by a professional club. And what is so handy: even for the self-employed and SME's their own house style is now within reach. A qualitative and efficient logo maker is for example

How do you ensure a recognizable corporate identity?

Recognizable house style

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In addition to that beautiful logo and that sleek website, to really create a corporate identity, it is important to also align your offline resources with your style. For example, through a you can easily have business cards, envelopes and presentation folders made in your own house style. Do you also receive customers at your office? Also think of writing pads and other materials to put in your office.

Furthermore, it is important to keep your house style consistent and to apply it wherever possible. Add your logo to all photos you post on social media and let your motto or core values be reflected in all your customer communication. By the way, you should not just change a house style: most companies spend years with the same house style, and that is necessary. A new design every month is nice for your designer's bank account, but it doesn't bring you anything.

What your own corporate identity can yield

Recognizable corporate identity benefits

But why go through all that effort now? Do you sell more if you use preprinted stationery? It is not quite that simple, but a good corporate identity will ultimately help make your company successful. This is best demonstrated with a few well-known examples.

  • You have probably come across illustrations on social media with a short text in which the words are not separated by spaces, but by periods ( Half of the Netherlands then knows: this is RUMAG. What does RUMAG actually do? No idea, but the style is so recognizable that everyone knows the brand and shares the expressions on social media.
  • At the time of the first iPod there have long been other (better…) MP3 players on the market. Why did everyone want an iPod anyway? It was the most expensive player, and the only player where you got white earplugs. So: white earplugs? iPod. Anyone who saw you with white earbuds knew you had an expensive iPod. All because of one different color.
  • Finally, the textbook example when it comes to corporate identity: the posters of Loesje. A recognizable signature and an own font were enough to make the name Loesje known throughout the Netherlands. Often the sayings are thoughtful and funny, sometimes critical and absurd. One thing is certain: for almost forty years (!) Loesje's house style has remained unchanged and is known throughout the Netherlands. That's what a corporate identity can do.

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