"Brands must never post again"


Gonnie Spijkstra of Nine Connections talks about brands and social media at The Social Conference 2016. “People want to talk to people. Not with companies ... unless they have a complaint, "says Spijkstra. "The challenge is not to post as a company, but to let the people around you talk about you."


And that is only possible if you are relevant to your target group. “It's not about your brand. But about the conversation domain that you claim as a brand. So you have to listen very carefully to your customers first. What are they talking about? Are they having problems? What do they want?”

Real added value

“You get so much inspiration from that. That gives you new angles for your content. With which you can deliver real added value. And then people start talking about you.”

Four tips for listening: 

In addition to the interview 4 Bloeise tips:

  • Free tool (trial version) Mention. You will receive an email every time your company is mentioned on Twitter. Filter your own Twitter account.
  • Searches on Twitter. (you could save earlier). For example, every Friday I did a #FacebookFriday in which I looked up and answered Facebook questions on Twitter. This resulted in content that scored high in Google.
  • Open door but by no means used by everyone: Google Alerts. Not only your own company name (“bloeise”), but also the conversation domains that you appropriate. (“advertising in Facebook”) Are you chasing competitors? Also set up notifications for them.
  • In your confirmation email from you newsletter ask if the reader has an urgent question. Because there's a reason your new newsletter reader has signed up.



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