Business solar panels: benefits and points for attention

Business solar panels: benefits and points for attention

Business solar panels: benefits and points for attention

Business solar panels: benefits and points for attention

Are you thinking about installing solar panels for business? But you don't know what all that entails? In this article we tell you everything about the benefits and things you should definitely pay attention to.

People Planet Profit

Sustainability is very important, also for entrepreneurs. You want to harmoniously combine the needs of people, the planet and your profits. In this way you meet your own needs and those of your customers, but you also ensure that the generations after you do not lack anything. Business solar panels are a great way to be sustainable and take good care of yourself.

Benefits of solar panels

By choosing solar energy, you help the planet and save on your monthly energy costs. Another important advantage is that you are not bothered by the price increase of fossil fuels when you generate your own energy. In addition, solar panels have a long lifespan. There are also the necessary subsidies and discounts available.

Solar panels as a self-employed person

Do you work from home? Then it is possible to have commercial solar panels installed on your home. Of course there are things that you have to comply with and that you have to take into account. For example, you must use at least 10 percent of your home for business purposes to classify your solar panels as business assets. If you use less than 10 percent for business, then solar panels are always seen as private assets.


If the solar panels fall under your private assets, you may only deduct the energy revenue that you use for business from your profit. Do you supply energy back to the energy company? Then this is also possible as an entrepreneur. Read more about this on the website of the tax authorities.

For Business

When solar panels fall under your business assets, you may be eligible for the KIA (small-scale deduction), EIA (energy investment deduction) and deduction of VAT:

  • KIA: with this you can deduct an amount between 2,301 and 311,449 euros when you invest in company assets.
  • EIA: this deduction determines that you can deduct a large part of your investment in solar panels from your operating profit. To be eligible, you must have a solar energy system of at least 25 kWp (Kilowatt peak), with a minimum connection of 3 x 80A.
  • VAT: of course you can also simply deduct the VAT from this investment.

Business solar panels - placement

Leasing solar panels for business

As an entrepreneur, do not currently have enough money to to invest in solar poles? Then there is also the possibility to lease them. The advantages of this speak for themselves: you do not have to make a large investment and you do not have to worry about maintenance. Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages depend on the type of rental contract you choose. There are the following options:

  • Rent where you purchase the generated electricity.
  • Rent where you do not purchase the generated electricity.
  • Rent for a specific time.
  • Free takeover of the solar panels after a number of years (usually 15 or 20 years).
  • Takeover of the solar panels at market value after a number of years (usually 15 or 20 years).

Since the contracts are very different, the terms – and prices – vary widely.

Please note: make sure that it is clear before the start of the rental contract who is liable for what. This must also be clearly and clearly recorded in writing. Be sure to bear in mind the responsibility for the following matters:

  • In case of damage to the building or adjacent buildings due to a loose solar panel.
  • In the event of a fire caused by the solar panels or associated installation.
  • Also clearly record what happens if the leasing party goes bankrupt.

Financing business solar panels

A third option besides buying and leasing is to to finance business solar panels. That way you immediately have all the benefits of sustainable energy, without having to invest.

Take a good look at all the options and see what best suits you and your situation. Before you make a final decision, it is very wise to discuss everything with a tax advisor or accountant, to get a clear picture of the opportunities and risks.

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