Climate – Online consumer trend 2019

climate - plastic - online consumer trend 2019

Climate – Online consumer trend 2019

You know that Monty Python sketch where every dish on the menu contains spam? Eggs and spam, eggs, bacons and spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans and spam. That's why unsolicited e-mail is called spam today. The spam of 2019, however, is less palatable: plastic. We find it everywhere:

So Yes. Also our stool contains microplastics, and we just don't know what effect it will have on our health. This is partly because we have been ingesting microplastics for some time through our clothing, carpet and paint, for example. Still, this should bother an average parent, doctor, journalist, or politician. And fortunately there is also some counter-movement:

These two short lists of course only paint a meager picture. In view of the implementation of the climate agreement in the Netherlands and the criticism that the bill is not being handed over to the polluting companies, this will certainly keep us busy for some time to come. Important figures are above all: many Dutch people are willing to do something for the climate, but it should not cost too much, according to DVJ Insights, 39% of consumers want an eco-watch to measure their CO2 impact according to Ericsson.

And the starting trend that women decide not to have children anymore because of climate change. In short, like Loesje once well said: Climate change – after all this time we were also a bit rambled about the weather.

This is one of nine online consumer trends 2019. Read all nine consumer trends here: The year of Standardization. 


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