Trying on clothes with a personalized 3D model

Trying on clothes with a personalized 3D model

Trying on clothes with a personalized 3D model

More and more people order clothes online and choose different sizes, to be sure that one (size) fits. Items that do not fit will be returned. A waste of unnecessary transport, and in some cases the returned clothing is even destroyed. That is why the sector has joined forces and is working on two new ISO standards on digital fitting.

The international ISO commission 'Digital Fittings' (ISO/TC 133) has published two new working documents and submitted them to ISO members for approval. Both documents have been accepted and new Technical Specifications (TS) for Digital fitting — Service procedure — Part 1: Ready-to-wear clothing online and off-line and Part 2: Customized clothing online and off-line can be started. These are digital fitting procedures for ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing, using a virtual body.

These developments not only meet the rise in online shopping, but also respond to the growing demand for unique, tailor-made clothing. Both consumers and the industry, as well as the environment, benefit from the possibility of digital fitting.

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As an interested party, would you like to participate in the discussion about the development of standards in this area? The standards committee 'Textile and Clothing' guarantees the Dutch interest in the CEN and ISO committees with regard to textiles and clothing. To participate in or for more information about this committee, send an email to

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For information about these standard(s) or about the standardization process: Hieke Reijnhoudt, Consultant AgroFood and Consumer, telephone 015 2 690 224 or e-mail

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