Column by Peerke


Column by Peerke

Guest blog by Peerke van den Broek
Internet in the present day is very text based.
You know that, you notice that, you send that.
But do you realize that the internet is already much more?
That you could actually use it much more broadly?

Have you ever tried to find out where your ever found image came from? So you went to Google, selected images, then clicked on the camera on the right in the search field and then?
Yes, you can upload your own image. Google promptly finds I don't know how many of similar images and maybe the original source of yours too.
Just think, what that could mean for your internet marketing for example! Should this still be text-based in the future? Maybe not… Wouldn't it be nice to be a frontrunner in this?
Is image search the only other option? No, I recently attended a MOOC (massive open online course) and what did people do there? They checked whether it was actually me. How? By keys! But now for the keys of the keyboard and the way I press them. In other words, the Internet is also capable of filtering by touch.
Well, you will say, that's easy, just the other way, so also giving touch back, does that work? Well they are not linked as such yet but how do you think braille works for computers?
In short, the Internet and searching or finding on it and placing or being found has more dimensions than we currently utilize.
Just key it in.

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