Content Marketing 2015

Content Marketing 2015

Content Marketing 2015

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Content marketing will become a widely used form of online marketing in 2015. Where an online marketing agency first focused on quantity, the focus is now on quality.

Content marketing is very old and content marketing in the form of blogs has also been around for a number of years. The online presence describes your organization. If an organization does not have an online presence these days, the brand awareness is often minimal.

sales pitch

If your website contains little good content, the visitor will quickly leave.

Visitors are not interested in a sales pitch. Think, for example, of the umpteenth call from a call center. In addition, all information can simply be found on the internet. If your website cannot provide the visitor with interesting information, then you have already lost one potential customer.

content marketing strategy

Documenting a strategy is an important point in using content marketing effectively. So work out your strategy on paper or in a document. So create a well thought-out plan.

Image content

Every organization with plans for the future will have to have good online content by 2015. All customer questions must be able to be answered online. Content marketing is a major investment in 2015, which must be continuously built up and maintained.

Many companies nowadays make videos or podcasts. The customer loves this. A lot of information can be processed and remembered in a short period of time. Why else would YouTube have gotten so big?

An online video is indispensable for an effective content marketing strategy. Almost every target group can be reached via video.

Share content

Sharing content via blogs and social media is a popular form of content marketing. You can write an article with a number of images, or you can make a series on a particular topic. Sharing content via blogs is a very effective way of content marketing.

Mobile accessibility

In 2014, approximately 40% of online traffic in the Netherlands will take place via smartphones and tablets. However, almost 80 % of all Dutch websites is not suitable for mobile devices. Is your website one of these? Then this is your chance to do something about it. The number of mobile visitors will only increase in 2015.

More than 50% of the search already takes place on the mobile devices. This means that more than 50% of all your visitors come from Google or social media view your website on a mobile device.

An important point for 2015 is then: optimizing the mobile experience.

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