Content marketing for food supplements

Food Supplement Content Marketing

Content marketing for food supplements

Guest blog by: Yu Wang Tsang, student Small Business & Retail Management

On April 17, 2019 I had the opportunity to interview Thomas Lapperre about my graduation research about introducing a food supplement made from insects through content marketing. For my graduation research it is necessary to make a financial prognosis of the expected turnover. The problem is that I've never worked with content marketing and the demand for this product was very unclear to me as there's very little search for the product to my knowledge. Below is a summary of key elements from the interview.

Thomas started by explaining two methods of introducing the product to the market with push or pull strategies:

  • At a pull strategy we first look at the existing need of a customer, using Google Analytics it is possible to measure how often a product is searched (Google keyword research). In any case, this means that a potential demand can be measured.
  • At a push strategy a need must, as it were, be created for the target group. Since a similar product is a success in America, Thomas advised me to benchmarking and targeting the same audience by looking at the website and the way the competitor is promoting itself. When the target group has been better visualized, it is possible to use Facebook Ads target audience characteristics to measure audience size and then create a need for this audience with a Facebook ad campaign.

These two methods have made an enormous contribution to estimating what the potential demand could be and have acted as a certain guideline when preparing the financial forecast for a product (where the demand is unknown). is ''used to be'').

Furthermore, the interview was substantively about determining the right KPIs related to building brand awareness (awareness). It soon became apparent that it is much wiser to also use a while building brand awareness action KPI link to it to engage the public. This can be done, among other things, by turning on the viewer / reader to have them subscribe to a company newsletter.

Finally, the most important lesson from the interview is that in theory the turnover can be sketched, while in practice content marketing is a continuous activity in which the turnover is very dependent on the level of effort in creating and placing content.

All in all, the interview with Thomas has resulted in a concrete substantiation in my thesis about how the above strategies can be used to measure the potential demand that is essential in the formation of the final conclusion and financial prognosis. I therefore certainly recommend Thomas Lapperre as a respondent for graduation research on online content marketing, because his knowledge has been indispensable in completing my thesis!

Yu Wang Tsang 
Small Business & Retail Management

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