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Time ago that I wrote a company blog: I have been very busy in recent months. And of course that is good news 🙂 In the meantime, I started a part-time job (24 hours) as a content marketer on Texel, at SnelStart: they make accounting software for nearly 50,000 customers. Now is content marketing exactly what I have set up Bloeise for (with the slogan: "It starts with content"), but I'm not really busy with it yet. I do write texts for clients, blog for Emerce and Dutchcowboys and help companies with their search engine optimization (SEO), but content marketing is an overarching philosophy. What exactly does my new job entail?

How does content marketing work?

With content marketing you focus on the information needs of your target group. You look at the sales process: where is your customer? For SnelStart: an entrepreneur first wants to know why accounting is so important, why insight into your finances is useful, what are the issues (late invoices paid) ... in short, the realization of a problem. That is the awareness phase. Then as an entrepreneur you start looking at accounting software: what does that yield or does it only cost time and money? How do you choose a good package? What is a possible solution for your problem? That is the Conversion phase where SnelStart comes into the picture as a potential solution. In the third phase, the Close phase, the potential customer makes the consideration which solution best fits his problem. in this phase you will compare on price, performance and support. You are going to try out a trial and ultimately you make a purchase. Content marketing then has an extra phase: the Delight phase. How do you ensure a positive experience with your product? For SnelStart that can be: practical guide for setting up your administration as a garage company or installer.

Why does content marketing work?

Three reasons: with the main reason because you focus on the information needs of your potential customers. Because we just want to be less bothered with commercial messages: think of the NO-NO sticker, the Bel-Me-Niet register, the success of Netflix and also the enormous growth in advertising messages. We prefer to search ourselves: mainly via Google. (depending on the industry, the 65-90% sales process starts on Google).

With a strong focus on search engine optimization, content marketing ensures that you is found well in Google. That is the second reason. You can be found well with SEO, but then you have to address your target group with your content, your story, your information. It must be relevant to your target group. So you have to use the language of your target audience, and especially the keywords. You get a better connection and therefore binding.

The third reason: social media. Here, 'relevance' is a commonly used word. Social media not only offers opportunities to build communities with your target group, but also to offer relevant content. For me, social media is a distribution channel that ensures visibility; Content marketing ensures the filling and efficient use of social media. Social media only works if you share really interesting content. So relevant for your specific target group, and again the specific phase that someone is in. For a company, the (indirect or indirect) goal is to generate revenue. A customer does not always have the goal of making a purchase, but can help to achieve that turnover. For example, I have been following the newsletter from for several years They give really good writing tips every month. Now I can write quite well (the reason why I do content marketing) and I may not use them as quickly, but rather them writing tips I like to share with my audience.

The future of Bloeise?

Blooming continues to flower, now two days a week (and the necessary evenings :). I am now at the point where work naturally comes to me through the communications that I do. Occasionally a newspaper article, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, a monthly newsletter, blogging and of course networking. At SnelStart I now spend hours on exactly what I am focusing on: content marketing. As most know, I started Bloeise with the goal of working independently remotely, so that I can move to Bulgaria. This coming October is feasible for Bloeise, and working from home is possible at SnelStart. Well on the way! Now Bulgaria is pretty cold in October, so planning is now mid-February. I will regularly be in the Netherlands to maintain contacts. In terms of work, I notice that I especially add a lot of value to the travel industry where I come from, and with SEO website analysis and social media courses. So I'll blog about that again.

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