Content marketing: outsource or do it yourself?


Content is crucial for any business on the internet. Content marketing involves a lot: it is a labour-intensive project. The emphasis is on the word 'process'. Many organizations do not have the time and strength to start an entire process. That is why many people are asking: “Should I outsource content marketing or is it better to do it myself?”

Why content marketing is so important

The fact that content is crucial for companies on the internet is apparent from figures from the International Newspaper Marketing Association. These figures show that 20 percent of all web traffic comes from shared content. 60 percent of all content actually helps customers win.

Also a good thing: companies with an active blog get 67 percent more leads, according to research by Hubspot. Companies without a blog are letting these leads lie. So there is a good reason to get involved with content marketing. Who will take up the task remains to be seen.

The benefits of doing content marketing yourself

Both outsourcing and doing content marketing yourself has advantages. The biggest advantage of doing your content marketing yourself is that you have more control.

In principle, a change is implemented in no time and decision-makers and implementers can quickly contact each other. Because the process remains within one organization, the chance of a successful approach is greatest: it is clear what the brand stands for. In addition, an in-house editorial team can spend more time on research and content production.

A thumb showing social networks, in which it is written in yellow 'Content is king' .

The most important thing in the marketing world: the content.

The benefits of outsourcing content marketing

Are you already addicted to the idea of doing content marketing yourself? Outsourcing also has its advantages.

When you outsource content marketing, you often get content with a completely different perspective. It is also scalable: you can quickly access more capacity. It is often too expensive for a small company to have one member of staff working on content all day long. In addition, external parties often have special knowledge and with a bit of luck you can piggyback on their distribution options. There might even be one guest blog in, or is there someone in their network who can increase your brand awareness.

Matters that need to be arranged

Whoever does the content marketing, it is important that a number of things are arranged. For example, there must be a clear publication schedule for both internal and external use. Someone should also be responsible for the content and its management.

If you decide to outsource (a part of it), a style guide is an absolute must. This captures the identity of your brand in written word. It should be clear that the content comes from your brand. Are you going to work with freelancers? Then make long-term agreements. Make agreements about deadlines and the freelancer's remuneration. This way you avoid confusion and frustration afterwards.

Ask yourself the right questions

Finally, ask yourself the right questions. Is there someone within the company who can direct external suppliers, or lead an editorial team? And who will be responsible for the content? Content marketing doesn't always seem successful, but it's important to stay focused. It is a process, where it can take a while before the result becomes visible.

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