Content marketing SEO infographic: channels and resources

content-marketing-methods for SEO

Content marketing SEO infographic: channels and resources

Content Marketing Resources

Link building remains the challenge that content marketing can help with. This infographic shows techniques with which you can build links for your site and thus be found better (SEO). It's a pretty complete list of sites and services you can use: social networks, video sites, audio sites, podcast sites, syndication sites (for link and news sharing), blog aggregators, document sharing sites, business sites, email book sites, paid directories, advertising platforms, presentation sites, web 2.0 sites, portfolio sites, infographic sites, PDF sites, image sites, design galleries sites and PR sites…. with a load of useful tools and tips.

Not just SEO

Try to use this overview in different ways: from an existing piece of content that you want to distribute further, from a message for which you are looking for the right channels and from relevant customer interaction as the goal. Which content marketing SEO Stimulating is a nice bonus, but don't make that the main goal.

Content Marketing SEO Resources and Methods

Source Infographic: Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing and SEO


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