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Using a blog on your website can be great fun. You can inform visitors about new products, about business processes, trends within your industry, and new products or services from your company. This way you keep visitors involved in your company! However, a blog article alone is not enough to actually benefit from this. After all, you want to encourage these visitors to make a purchase or request a quote. In short, you want to increase the conversion of your blog! There are different ways to ensure a higher conversion. In this article we give you three useful tips to contribute to this.

Pie chart and bar graph

By measuring the number of visitors, you get a better picture of the path that visitors follow.

Measuring is knowing when increasing your conversion

To get a good idea of the path that visitors follow, it is important to measure this. There are various online tools that can help you with this. Google Analytics is the best known for many web administrators. By following visitors you know exactly which page to guide new visitors to, to increase the chance of a sale. The same applies to the topics that you use in your blog articles. After all, with blog articles you can contribute to higher positions within the search results. Hereby it is important to be on the right keywords to be found. By connecting your topics in blog articles to this, you improve your position.

Navigate visitors about your website. You do this, for example, by using call-to-action buttons.

Guide visitors about your website

For example, when a visitor via social media has landed on your website, he or she wants to be taken by the arm. By making smart use of call to actionbuttons on your website, you can help a visitor with this. This starts with the blog article where the visitor has "landed". From this article you can take a customer to an information page, a product page or a current blog article. This increases the chance that the visitor makes a purchase. If you guide a visitor to an information page, it is important that the visitor on this page a new one call to action-button finds. This prevents the visitor from clicking the page.

Be realistic and positive

A call to action-button is usually placed at the bottom of a blog article. Before a reader arrives here, he or she must read the article. One of the most important aspects when writing blog articles is captivating your readers. After all, you want to prevent a reader from clicking the blog article away in the meantime. Therefore, make sure that the writing style that you use matches your target group. Your tone can sometimes be a bit more critical, even when it comes to your own products. After all, no product is perfect! Creating a realistic image increases the chance that a reader will fully read the article. 'We of toilet duck' -like texts are best avoided here.

These three tips make it easier to increase your conversion. It is important to take visitors on your website! You determine how they move about your website by making smart use of it call to action-buttons.



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