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Achieving a high conversion is one of the spearheads of many organizations. This can be in the field of telephone marketing, but also on your website, for example. It is very common for organizations to have a website where visitors ultimately do not buy anything. This is a shame, because every visitor is a potential customer. In particular when the visitor views multiple pages before leaving the website. There are several ways to increase the conversion of your website. In this article we give you three useful tips to contribute to this.

By the way, keep in mind that increasing your conversion starts a step earlier. How do visitors get to your website? It starts with the use of a newsletter increase your conversion already in the newsletter. The same goes for using social media! You want to convert as much of your followers as possible into visitors for your website when posting content.

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Guide the visitor through the website with clear calls-to-actions.

Take a visitor by the hand

When a visitor lands on your website, a visitor wants to be taken by the hand. This means that as a web administrator you have to ensure that a visitor is guided. Make sure every page has clear call to action to forward a visitor. The purpose of this is that a visitor eventually ends up at an order page to place an order. A quotation or contact page can also be a destination for the visitor. Missing call to actionbuttons can cause a visitor to leave the website. Keep in mind that a visitor usually doesn't want to click more than two or three times until they reach the end page

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Google Analytics can help web administrators know how visitor flows are going.

Measuring is knowing with conversion percentages

Many web administrators have no idea how visitors move around their website. This makes it difficult to take visitors by the hand. In this case, measuring is knowing! There are several tools, such as Google Analytics, which can help you with this. With these tools you can map out very clearly how visitor flows run. On which page do visitors usually leave your website? Where do visitors enter your website? Which channels generate more sales? You can use this information to ultimately guide visitors to the right page when they visit your website.

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Well-written texts ensure that the visitor stays on the website.

Provide clear texts

A visitor also wants to feel taken seriously. This means that the information on your website must be accurate and written in the correct writing style. For example, informal language is not suitable for every target group. Conversely, texts with many difficult terms are often not ideal. When a text does not appeal to a reader, they will leave the page after just one or two paragraphs. This is a shame, because this is how a visitor reaches the call to action not at the bottom of the page. So make sure the text is in the right direction and tone to keep a visitor engaged. This also increases the chance that a visitor will read the text on a subsequent page.

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