Bloeise customers

Bloeise customers

Bloeise customers

Bloeise serves various customers: from small and local to iconic and international. View our work per service below.

white papers

A white paper informs potential customers and ensures faster customer contact. Read more about our service white papers.

Osudio – European e-business specialist
White papers. American English, based on interviews with specialists, about omnichannel, e-commerce, PIM and innovation. Focused on wholesalers, manufacturers, retail and FMCG.

Companies for which Bloeise has also written white papers:


QS solutions – IT specialist
Blogs. Via the digital agency iMood. Dutch based on interviews with specialists, about cyber security, digital collaboration, identity & access management and customer engagement. Focused on medium and large companies.

Social Turn – Loyalty & Mobile Marketing Software
Blogs. Dutch based on desk research, about loyalty, WiFi marketing, consumer psychology and facebook marketing. Focused on hospitality and retail. – creative technology agency
Blogs. Dutch based on interviews and desk research, on agile, DNSSEC, digital transformation and human centered design. Focused on progressive companies.

Companies and agencies for which Bloeise has also blogged:

Website texts

A website is the first impression potential customers have of you. A good story convinced. Read more about our service website texts.

Triple A Risk Finance – Financial sector
Website texts. Commissioned by iMood. Dutch based on interviews and desk research, on financial services, legislation, data science, HR and specific propositions, Focused on banks, pension funds, pension administrators, insurance companies and companies.

North Sea Offshore event 
Website texts and articles. Commissioned by Development company NHN. Dutch based on interviews with workshop organizers, about us, program and sponsorship opportunities. Focused on offshore companies.

De Ruiter Network Company – ICT company
Website texts and project support. Dutch based on interviews with specialists, talking about us, products, services, working for, customer cases and colleagues. Aimed at companies in North Holland.

Lilian Klok, Network Company
" “Bloeise supervised the development of a completely new website for us. We wanted a young, modern website that appeals to our future employees. Thomas helped us select the site designer, conversion goals, site structure and content. He wrote the lyrics himself. We are happy with the end result!”

Companies for which Bloeise has also written website texts:

Landing pages

A landing page converts visitors into leads and customers. Read more about our service landing page. – HP 
Landing pages, downloads, social toolkit and emails. Via conversion agency Booming. Dutch based on desk research, about GDPR, printing, security, DaaS, ransomware and HP products. Aimed at medium-sized companies.

Companies for which Bloeise has also written landing pages:

Nurture emails

With nurture mails you stay in conversation with your customers and you increase your conversion. Read more about our service nurture mails.

Wind power plant – energy cooperation
Nurture mails. Dutch based on desk research and interviews, about energy, investing and collaborating. Focused on consumers.

Companies for which Bloeise has also written nurture emails:

Workshops and knowledge transfer

“... Thank you for an educational and inspiring evening. Today the others talked about it and people were full of praise. So compliments! " - Praxis Den Helder

"Recommended!" VVV Top van Holland

"Thanks for the educational afternoon!" 52 degrees north latitude

“It makes you think. Accessible afternoon, good pace, practical! ” Triad Den Helder

"Was a fun and educational workshop!" Housing association Den Helder

Companies for which Bloeise has given workshops and explanations:

Frank Buschman, Smeders
" “Our client was very pleased with the 3 press releases Thomas wrote for them. The local media picked up on the press releases well and the entire campaign was a great success, partly thanks to Bloeise. Cheers!”
Johan Kornet, Groot Jebbink
" “I was already doing business blogging, but there was little structure and no regularity at all. When I read information about the B2B blogging course from Bloeise, I immediately got a good feeling about it, especially because of the personal guidance. That is why I chose this course. I have not regretted my choice! Every week we discussed different topics and I received tips and assignments that I could immediately apply in practice. Now that I have completed the course I know which articles to write and who my readers are. In addition, the quality of what I write has improved and I write more regularly.”