Digital GP post and practice passes the 25,000 online consultations

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Digital GP post and practice passes the 25,000 online consultations

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More than 25,000 patients have now taken a digital consultation via the digital GP post and practice at 73 percent of these online consultations would normally have required a doctor's visit. Online doctor's advice also reduces the pressure on the phone. This is evident from figures published today by

On March 11, 2020, Consultation Hour, the first digital GP post in the Netherlands, was rolled out at an accelerated pace at Huisartsenpost Eemland (Amersfoort, Barneveld) due to the corona crisis. A second region, Rijnmond (Rotterdam), followed a month later and Drenthe started in December 2020. Recently is also available for patients of a number of GP practices. The service is now accessible to about two million patients in the three care areas.

Through, an initiative of Topicus and DigiDok, patients receive location-independent and personal care for questions about wounds, eye complaints, fever and skin infections. Patients prepare the digital consultation themselves by going through validated triage and anamnesis questions and by adding a photo or video.

General practitioners and triagists are then presented with this information in a clear manner via a digital system and can easily handle the consultation via a chat, but also video calls if desired. A summary is also automatically added to the electronic patient file. If there is a very urgent emergency, a patient is advised to call an emergency line. This efficient way of working also prevents GP posts and practices from being flooded with phone calls from patients. Various GP posts have expressed their concerns in recent days about the fact that pressure on the telephone has increased considerably since the corona virus has receded.

Oldest patient is 90 years old
Patients mainly use Speech Hour for skin complaints, wounds, complaints due to falls, bumps and bruises. The average age of the people using is 33 years, the oldest is 90 years and sixty percent are women or girls. On average, patients who use had to wait 16 minutes for a response from the GP at the GP post. receives a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 46 from patients. This NPS measures the extent to which a service is recommended, in this case by patients to other patients.

Inez Teunissen, initiator “Digital care at a distance provides efficiency in care, for both patients and GPs. In order to allow more patients and general practitioners to benefit from this, it is our ambition to make the online GP post and practice available to all Dutch people.”

Chantal Emaus, Medical Director General Practitioners Eemland: “We are very satisfied with the growth in the number of digital consultations. With we put the patient first. The goal is: shorter waiting times, good care, satisfied patients and less work pressure for our general practitioners and triagists.”

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