Digital Marketing Trends 2016 by SiteCore


The digital marketing trends of 2016 that you as a marketer should take into account. SiteCore publishes this every year with its research among marketers. Here the highlights.

As I wrote for my own online consumer trends 2016, you can remove it 'online'. Everything is online. Hey I don't mean exclusively online, but the physical world is more and more mirrored online. The bottom line always remains the price / quality ratio in the eyes of the customer. Good marketing emphasizes the italic. As we are all more and more online, marketing becomes more online and budgets go there more (70 percent according to SiteCore). But beware: the physical purchases are always 3x as much as the online purchases.

Top 5 digital making trends 2016

  1. Content Marketing: is now seriously at the top of the list. Good news for content marketers in the Netherlands! The focus should be on the target group and its specific information needs. Look at the challenges your customers have and help them further in their customer journey. context.
  2. Personalization: every customer is different. “One size fits all” no longer works. For this you need Big Data to gain personal insights. The better the personalization, the better the 'customer experience'yeah! Keep explaining to your customers why you collect which data: if it yields something for them, they are happy to give it. What also belongs to personalization is an omnichannel strategy. To put it bluntly: serving the customer on those channels on which the customer wishes to be served. So be able to book mobile, be helped via chat or just like to get a real person on the phone.
  3. predictive analytics: Knowing where your customers are going or what they are going to do provides logistical savings and additional sales opportunities. For example, if you know that every time you made a sale, the number 39 was sold out on the first day, then you can predict that with a subsequent offer you'd better buy some more numbers 39. Big Data again, baby!
  4. Marketing automation: this is what SiteCore itself offers, so feel free to be extra critical of this trend. What is Marketing Automation? Good question! Marketing automation is the orchestration of Big Data in all channels (Omnichannel) for a customized experience per customer. It is actually very simple: think about your turnover. How do you get more sales? More quotes. How do you get more quotes? More visitors to your quote page. How do you get more visitors there? More traffic to your website. Helping your customer further in the customer journey is what I call CRM, where the final step is a long-term relationship. With marketing automation you personalize the content and actions to help your customers one step further… automatically. For that you need: Big Data. Funnily enough, Big Data was the trend in previous years, and now it is no longer a goal but a means. The approach is to map the customer journey of your customers and to keep improving point by point. Standard mails become more personal, the subject lines and content are AB-tested, the impact of the mail on the total journey is calculated.
  5. Social media integration: also a hobbyhorse of SiteCore, but a good point. What matters is to recognize social media as an official channel and to include it in the overall omnichannel strategy. So that: Big Data with Marketing Automation ensures Personalization and therefore better Customer Experience. How? Not only sending but also really helping and maintaining a relationship. As customers become more social, the face of your company becomes more social. 



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