Direct mail that lingers? 10 ideas to stand out

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Direct mail that lingers? 10 ideas to stand out

You want to draw attention to an event, to enthuse relations in an original way for a special promotion, or to introduce a new product line. You use the usual internet channels for that, but with a direct mail add a dimension to it. You send your target group something tangible, by post. That choice optimizes the chance that your story will be read. Unsolicited e-mails are increasingly being deleted, but personal mail? That makes curious.

Personal touch is decisive for direct mailing success

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'Personal' is a key concept when you get started with direct mailing. You are making a mistake if your personal and address details are not complete, correct and up-to-date. Handle it carefully. In addition, put yourself well in your target group. Do you want to interest business decision makers in a breakfast session? Don't do that with a perfumed envelope. Do you want to present a new cosmetic line to fashion-conscious women? Then a packaging with a scent is extra tempting.

For your online marketing activities, your message – the content – is essential at all times. Without being relevant and distinctive, you will not 'get through'. This also applies to your direct mail, but the packaging adds extra weight. It offers unlimited opportunities to stand out. Dare to think outside the box. Sit down with your sales team and let everyone come up with ideas. This immediately creates support, which comes in handy when you start calling. Use the following tips.

10 ideas for your direct mail

  1. Choose a catchy envelope – The shape, design and printing of your envelope influence the recipient's willingness to open. Choose an envelope that fits your target audience and objective. Don't be too loud.
  2. Envelope with bulge – An envelope in which the recipient immediately feels that there is something in it always arouses curiosity. It may be a gimmick, but make sure the content interfaces with your company and message.
  3. Send a business letter more often – In this age of e-marketing, you make a difference by approaching customers and prospects from time to time with a business letter sent by post. Choose a business envelope and give it an urgency signal. Sign the letter by hand!
  4. A handwritten letter– A handwritten letter is not only personal, but also conveys a sense of urgency and commitment. Make sure that the envelope is also handwritten and opt for real stamps instead of the franking machine.
  5. A creative card – A mailing in the form of a (postal) card is not only suitable for an invitation, but also to draw attention to a new product or a promotion. Be informed about the many possibilities. You have great pop-up cards, fold and slide cards, and cards with special effects.
  6. Print and video – Just as videos are popular on the Internet, they can also be used effectively in direct mail. There are smart ways to integrate your video message in, for example, a fold-out card or a product brochure. Impact assured.
  7. Personalized magazine – You have the Linda, named after Linda de Mol, you have the Jan, which stands for Just Another Name. Digital printing techniques make a magazine with a personalized cover perfectly possible. There is a maximum chance that your mailing will be saved.
  8. Brochure or prospectus – An exclusive brochure or prospectus sent to a limited circle provides extra binding. Choose a suitable envelope and print the name, position and company name in the document.
  9. (Advance notice - Are you organizing a relationship meeting or sales event? Send your target group an exclusive, printed and personalized (pre-) announcement and have it followed by a printed invitation.
  10. Product sample – Consumers are always happy to receive a free trial product. Direct mail is ideally suited for this.

Plan a follow up for your direct mailing

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Whatever your goal is, customer loyalty, generate a sales impulse or leads, direct mailing is an effective method to contact your customers, relations and prospects directly. The more sharply your mailing is tailored to your target group, the greater the revenue. Provide handles in the mailing that give the recipient a helping hand to take action. For example, give them an exclusive promotional code for your website. Always provide your mailing with a telephone number and e-mail address. Also think of a follow-up in the form of a follow-up campaign. This gives you the opportunity to take stock of how your e-mail has fallen and to give the recipient that final push.

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