Send direct mailing? 7 tips for more effect

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Send direct mailing? 7 tips for more effect

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing in which companies send letters, postcards or promotional materials to old, existing or potential customers by post. Send direct mail can be aimed at the consumer (B2C) or at other companies (B2B). An important part of direct mail is segmentation: you target a specific target group with demographic or geographical characteristics. The purpose of direct mail is to encourage the reader to take action, for example by means of an action or promotion. But direct mail can also be used for branding or information provision. In this blog you can read more about direct mailing and get seven practical tips to make your direct mails work better. 

Why direct mail?

An important advantage of sending a mailing is the fact that you offer something tangible in this digital age. Someone really has something of yours in their hands, and that creates a stronger bond with your brand or product than when someone only sees something on a screen. Also, many people still enjoy getting mail. That makes the chance that someone opens a letter much greater than that someone opens an email. Another advantage of sending a mailing is that the results are very measurable. Bee direct mail you know how much you have sent and you can measure exactly what the response is. You can use a special promotion code, separate website, telephone number or e-mail address for this.

There are also many creative possibilities with direct mail. You can use special paper or use a nice envelope. You can send something nice or opt for personalization by means of a handwritten letter, or use someone's name.

7 Tips for a successful direct mailing

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As a consumer you already know when a mailing is successful or not. Firstly, you are triggered to open it, and you also like the content of the mailing. Use these seven practical tips to get more results from your direct mailings:

  1. Target audience. Know who your target group is and speak the language of this target group. It is important with any form of marketing that you know who your target group is and that is no different with direct mail. Make sure you have a clear picture of who your customer is and adjust your language accordingly.
  2. Message. Know exactly what your message is and what the purpose of the mailing is. Make sure that your direct mail contains one message and that you communicate this message clearly.
  3. Stand out. Make sure your direct mail stands out. You can do this by color, text or special paper, for example. With direct mail you can give free rein to your creativity. As long as you stand out!
  4. Gift. A present in the envelope causes people to open. This is probably recognizable: you get an envelope in the mail and you feel that there is something in it: bet that you open this envelope?
  5. Relevance. Make an offer that is only valid for the recipient. This will ensure that it takes action more quickly.
  6. Repeat. Repetition plays an important role in direct mail. For example, send another mailing two weeks after your first mailing, or combine it with online marketing.
  7. interplay. Combine direct mail with other marketing techniques. For example, send an email before or after the direct mailing, or run a campaign on social media at the same time. Typically, seven touchpoints are needed before the potential customer makes a purchase.

Do you ever have one direct mailing sent? Were you satisfied with the result? We are looking forward to your response!

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