Direct mailing in 2019: this is how it works

direct mailing

Direct mailing in 2019: this is how it works

Direct mailing, does that still work in 2019? Not everyone is online all the time and everywhere. It can still pay off to set up a campaign that is sent by letter, or that appears in a magazine or newspaper. However, changing times require a different approach.

The value of print is increasing again

Consumers are not only found online. Direct mailing is still relevant. In 2019, a magazine or newspaper is still regularly read. In fact: British research confirms a comeback of print and increased appreciation from young people for this 'old' medium. Print is a moment of rest for many people. Moreover, the content is experienced as 'deeper' than with online reading.

The information offered in direct mailing is seen as 'more reliable'. This is also due to the fact that the number of postal items is decreasing. This increases the attention value.

Using mobile systems for direct mailing

The next question is: where do you lead your readers of your direct mailing? Just like with radio, online is the most logical step, especially (but not exclusively) mobile. From research by Statistics shows that in 2018 there were about 3.7 billion mobile users. That is why it is wise to make a landing page responsive, so that it is also displayed well on a mobile phone.

Do you already have some data about the channel use of your target group? Then you can fully use it in your marketing campaign. Because that way you learn which channel your target group prefers to use for which action. And so through which channel you can best communicate your message.

One-to-one contact

How do we prefer to be addressed? Indeed, personally. A piece of mail that has been sent to thousands of customers is often not that interesting. Personalizing on direct mail goes beyond the right naming: respond to personal interests and behaviour. Because in the end it's all about relevance. This is the same physical aspect as you business gifts such as pens, USB sticks and coffee mugs. When you get something physical in your hands, it becomes real.

Provide your email with a call-to-action

Let's face it: the goal of marketing and direct mailing is, of course, conversion. That is why every direct mail should already have a call-to-action. It must be immediately clear to the reader what he or she has to do. Traditionally, this is always repeated at the bottom of the PS, so the reader can see what the intention is within a few seconds. Feel free to experiment a bit with the location of the call-to-action, but remember that it should be easy to see.

Examples of good call-to-actions are: 'Buy a product and get one as a gift', 'Birthday offer!' or 'Free transport!' You can also place an eye-catcher, such as a special image.

Add matching images

A good direct mail looks neat. Not only the text or the content has to be right, but the whole picture. That is why it is important to also add appropriate images. It is good to think about what your target group would like to see in the letter, in the magazine or in the newspaper.

Be reliable

Marketing is all about reliability. Consumers like to buy from companies they trust and with whom they have good experiences. Reputation also plays a major role in this. We may find offline spam even more annoying than online spam, so here's the job of demonstrating trustworthiness. If you offer interesting content in your mail and you try to solve a problem, then the mail will be read.

Be as reliable as possible. Ask other customers to write a review about your business and add it. Take photos of the company founders and add them including a signature. A photo of the team is also possible; this gives the campaign a personal touch.

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