What does a content marketer actually do?


Anyone who thinks that a content marketer mainly focuses on writing texts is wrong. Content marketing includes all content: in addition to text, also images such as photography and video. And while the emphasis in marketing is now on online, as a content marketer you are also responsible for all offline marketing resources. Such as: brochures, flyers, posters and product sheets. As a content marketer, you not only take care of content production, but also content strategy and content promotion. Because all that content must of course yield something. In this article we tell you more about the work of a content marketer. We also discuss reasons to add a content marketer to your team.

What is a content marketer?

A content marketer (or content marketer) uses content to market his product or service. With content, the customer is informed, attracted and seduced. The content marketer maps out the information needs for each step in the customer journey and ensures the creation and promotion of content. To this end, he understands and knows language and visual language, he masters the use of different channels and he is also able to analyze the results and adjust accordingly. content marketing is often used in B2B because processes here are typically lengthy and there is a great need for information.

As a marketer you always have too much work and too little time. You therefore have to work efficiently: achieve the maximum effect with your limited time and budget. Your main goal is the promotion of your company, product or service. In practice this means that you will be involved in PR, marketing communication, corporate communication and online marketing. Sometimes it's about creating marketing qualified leads for the sales team, then about downloading the product sheets and other times about creating awareness and branding.

Working day of a content marketer

The working day of a content marketer can be different every time. One day the content marketer is looking for fun topics to fill the content calendar, then he discusses the results with the marketing manager and the sales department. Social media often also falls under the domain of the content marketer. Duties include growing followers, monitoring follower reactions and advertising.

This is a typical workday of a content marketer at a content agency with clients, their own blog where guest bloggers appear and an internal team to support:

Time of day Task
09.00 Handling emails

Answering guest bloggers and helping them on their way. Process feedback from customers or your team internally.

10.00  Small writing assignments

Adjustments to existing pages and blogs for clients, and creating email content for colleagues.

11.00 writing assignment

Writing a new text for a website or blog based on a previous keyword research.

13.00 Handling emails

Process submitted guest blogs. Provide feedback and schedule blogs with images and SEO optimization.

14.00 Customer appointment

Together with the account manager and a social media manager, for example. Typically by telephone, intended to provide an update and identify and remove obstacles.

15.00 writing assignment

For example, your own monthly newsletter, according to a fixed editorial formula. Parts can be: changes in the team, customer cases or own blogs. The e-mail marketer ensures that the e-mail then looks top notch.

16.00 Outreach

Here you research which interesting websites are open to guest blogs. That can be for your own agency, or for customers.

17.00 Report

The time to keep track of your work for your customers, so that you are properly invoiced.

To create reach, there is a tension between interaction and advertising. Interaction in the form of comments, shares and likes ensures a greater reach. Not only because the followers of your followers can see this, but also because Facebook, LinkedIn and now also Twitter determine via an algorithm which messages are relevant. For this they mainly look at interaction: a post with many comments and likes will be more interesting for other people. Creating that interaction is a separate skill set, as is the efficient use of advertisements.

Skills you must have as a content marketer

A content marketer not only masters the Dutch language, but also has a creative way of thinking and a great empathy. What does the customer want to know before making a purchase? Which questions should you answer first? What will he respond to? How does a customer feel understood?

The four skills of a content marketer

To write As a content marketer, you don't have to have a passion for writing. You must be able to do it well and recognize good work, so that you can have content written and checked.
Analytical As a marketer, you must be able to measure and assess the deployment and effect of your content. You have to 'like' numbers so that you work every day to achieve results.
Digital savvy Content marketing focuses on the digital domain. So sending email via MailChimp and checking your blog via Yoast is a must easy peasy be for you. Typical skills are: efficiently looking up information via Google, getting to grips with tooling quickly and always looking for better tools.
Project management A content marketer has multiple customers, external and internal, to keep happy. They expect a continuous output of qualitative texts that yield results. That requires management of your time, attention and resources.

In smaller organizations, a content marketer often takes care of the creation of new images, videos and texts. Larger parties have a broader team for this. Part of this team deals with social media, another part with texts, images and videos, and another team is active for Adwords and Facebook ads. In this way, all aspects of content marketing are optimized.

Content marketer training 

The use of text and images for marketing is as old as the road to Rome (there were already billboards on it!) The first content marketers of today were simply marketers or online marketers, who learned to look at content differently. The development of the customer journey model resulted in a more targeted use of content.

The work of a content marketer is constantly changing. This is mainly because the online marketing profession is continuously developing: the arrival of new social media, new guidelines from Google and above all: different consumer behaviour. During your work as a content marketer you will constantly have to look for new trends and techniques. It is not without reason that much of the knowledge that content marketers have gained is put into practice. There are currently various courses and courses available for content marketing, and it is also offered as a supplement to courses in marketing, communication, design, etc. From your own point of view, you can carry out the content marketing profession and perhaps even steer it in a new direction. . Because in the end it only comes down to one thing: that you inform, attract and convince your customers. How you do that for your market is entirely up to you.

Content marketer vacancies

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Interested in gaining experience as a content marketer?

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  • Anonymous says:

    We are talking about “good Dutch” and at the same time the whole section is teeming with English technical terms. I wondered how the two relate to each other. Doesn't content just mean "content".

  • Bart Hordijk says:

    Useful article, thank you Thomas!

  • Hi Anonymous, good and valid question! Ultimately, it is about text that connects to the reader. The marketing profession is indeed teeming with English terms, and that starts with the profession itself: 'marketing'. That is a concept for which there is no good Dutch translation. And if you cling to Dutch, then you end up with 'marketing', which, combined with a channel such as influencer, does not become 'influencer marketing' but 'influencer marketing'. Content is also such a concept. A conversation about 'content' can be about something completely different than about 'content'; there is no 'content marketing' but there is 'content marketing'. That said, it is important not to put everything in English indiscriminately. Strategy remains strategy, goal is just objective and viral is viral. That's redundant English. This book gives a nice list of: https://www.dickvanzijderveld.nl/pages/dvz-OTN.html

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