Will online shopping kill physical stores?

Online shopping or physical shopping - the difference is in experience and touch

Will online shopping kill physical stores?

Anyone who has been watching the economic news in recent months, or even years, might think so. Reputable retail chains run into payment problems and in many cases this ends in bankruptcy. Then it starts pointing fingers: on the one hand, those chains did not respond to changing tastes and consumer behaviour, on the other hand, consumers are increasingly opting for the convenience of ordering online. Is it true? Is the physical store doomed? We don't think so.

Physical stores – tangible comfort and higher conversion

Even in the digital age, a physical store still offers great advantages. An online store appeals to one of our senses: sight. In a physical store there is a very crucial addition: the sense of touch. Those looking for a soft cashmere sweater want to be able to actually feel that softness. Those who are also looking for matching accessories will find them within reach. The conversion rate of a physical store exceeds that of a webshop at the moment. But there are developments that can also overcome that. An online store with a friendly return policy, which also recommends matching accessories with every item, will see the conversion rate increase. Certainly stores that have all items in stock in all sizes, which is always a matter of waiting in a physical store, create clear advantages for themselves.

How does a physical store remain successful?

What a good physical store scores on and will continue to score on is the combination of comfort and personal attention. It's not just the ability to actually touch products. It is the whole ambiance and layout of a store that can put a consumer at ease. Anyone who can win over a consumer through personal attention from sales personnel who really know their business will continue to do well. An investment in a lounge area where the seller and consumer can withdraw for a good consultation is an action that will quickly pay for itself. At a time when consumers are increasingly confronted with the impersonal nature of online shopping, this contrast, this personal interaction, can promote sales.

Personal attention, only in stores?

What works for a brick-and-mortar store actually applies to any company that receives people. Applicants, suppliers and customers all need that personal attention and any company that wants to look good should consider investing in, for example, a pleasant reception area. A comfortable and inviting space where everyone can quietly wait for their conversation partner and at the same time come into contact with brochure material and advertisements of your company. If you want to set up a sales-promoting reception area, look for comfortable and stylish furniture to create a reception area where your guests can feel comfortable. It will work in your favor.



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