E-Commerce and Customer Psychology – Know your customer!


To be and remain successful in the ever-tightening e-commerce market, selling a good product in a striking jacket is no longer enough. You have to be able to respond to the psychology of the customer. You want to keep his attention from first click to checkout and not lose him with surprises at the checkout stage.

How can you win and keep customers? How do you convert traffic into sales? DR-discount offers an infographic with 65 statistics insight into the psychology of the online shopper. Here's a first look:

Website Appearance Counts - E-Commerce and Customer Psychology

Small and local

It is striking, for example, that a whopping 93 percent of online customers enjoy shopping at small and local retailers. Perhaps because 61 percenter finds unique products that are not available anywhere else. An encouragement for the small entrepreneur.

Appearance website

Small or large, the design of the website is essential for all sellers. je website is your shop window. According to 93 percent of customers, appearance is even the deciding factor whether they buy something or not. In fact, 52 percent of customers don't come back because they don't like the look.

Shopping cart

Fully loaded shopping carts are unfortunately no guarantee in e-commerce that the customer will also make a purchase. More than half of all online shoppers do not complete the checkout process. In many cases because, for example, extra unexpected costs were presented, or because the customer finds better prices elsewhere. So work on the shop (car)!


Go mobile or go home - E-Commerce and Customer Psychology

The customer is king and in e-commerce increasingly also owns a smartphone. Of the 40% of customers worldwide, at least 25 percent shop via a mobile. 75 percent of them leave an unoptimized website early, and many consumers use their mobile to search for better prices elsewhere, use coupons, or read reviews and customer feedback while shopping.

And what is the effect of videos, live chat, social media, loading times, payment options, discount promotions, return policy and corporate social responsibility?

The formula for e-commerce success may be very simple: Be one step ahead of the competition, check out the infographic and know your customer!

Author: Bram Schuijten with thanks to dr-discount.nl and Gutcher.de for the illustrations


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