E-commerce sector starts collaboration to make parcel delivery more sustainable

Delivery campaign Thuiswinkel for sustainable delivery

E-commerce sector starts collaboration to make parcel delivery more sustainable

Ede, January 24, 2018

Web shops and carriers in the Netherlands are joining forces to make parcel delivery more sustainable. The Dutch e-commerce sector aims for a reduction of 50% CO2 emissions in 2025 in the logistics operation compared to current emissions. A calculation model that provides insight into the CO2 emissions for parcel delivery will help with this.

The model was developed by Thuiswinkel.org, Connekt and Topsector Logistiek in collaboration with web shops and carriers and complies with European standards. With the Bewust Bezorgd campaign by Thuiswinkel.org, consumers are also made aware of the sustainable delivery options that can be chosen when placing an order. This initiative complements previous developments to promote sustainable e-commerce, such as sustainable packaging materials, custom packaging and sustainable distribution centers, putting the e-commerce sector at the forefront of sustainable retailing.

Launch of Bewust Bezorgd campaign - Thuiswinkel

Green sector even more sustainable
Large online stores such as bol.com, wehkamp, Coolblue and Otto and carriers such as PostNL, DHL and Dynalogic are involved in the development of the model and support the ambition to continue to make logistics processes more sustainable. The calculation model calculates how much CO2 emissions the sending of a package entails based on the volume of the sent packages, the number of kilometers each package travels, the means of transport used, the filling level of vans and the delivery option. This way they can immediately see where the possibilities are to make the logistics operation more sustainable. This calculation model is based on the Lean & Green Analytics method and complies with European standards. Wijnand Jongen, director of Thuiswinkel.org: “We are already a green sector and we are making it even more sustainable. You can imagine that it is more sustainable to have one van deliver 100 packages than for each consumer to take to the road separately. We are proud that e-commerce can offer more and more solutions for sustainable retail.”

Existing image is incorrect
Research by Motivaction commissioned by Thuiswinkel.org shows that consumers think that more than half of all vans in the city drive for e-commerce companies. In reality this is only 3% of the vans. Nico Anten, managing director of the network organization for smart and sustainable mobility Connekt: “The image that delivery vans for the online stores account for a large share of the total emissions is incorrect. Still, there are gains to be made and we encourage the industry to be the first to operate under the Paris climate targets. This joint calculation model is an essential first step.”

Consumer Choices
At the same time, the Bewust Bezorgd campaign will be launched to provide consumers with information about how to order more sustainably. Consumer choices about, for example, the delivery time of an order, influence the CO2 impact of the delivery. In this way, consumers themselves can also contribute to sustainable online shopping.

State Secretary Van Veldhoven
“I think this is a great initiative of the Top Sector Logistics and the companies that work together in this,” says State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje van Veldhoven. “It offers consumers tools to make an environmentally conscious choice when placing an order. This initiative is a good example of the environmental benefits that can be achieved with city logistics, because to measure is to know. It is good that the sector has linked an ambition to this.”

The calculation model was presented during the New Year's reception of Thuiswinkel.org at the Webwinkel Vakdagen in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 24 January. The first web stores will implement the calculation tool in 2018.

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