Ecommerce with China – Online Consumer Trend 2019

Ecommerce China - Online Consumer Trend 2019

Ecommerce with China – Online Consumer Trend 2019

The Dutch shop more abroad, especially in China. Bought in 2018 five million Dutch people for €880 million in products and services online abroad. Compared to 2017, this is a growth in cross-border shopping Dutch of 32% and in terms of turnover of 15%. China takes the lion's share of the turnover with 31%, and if you look at products only, this is even 47%. At the moment it mainly concerns cheap electronics products that are sold via platforms such as Wish and Ali Express. But much more is happening.

42% of global e-commerce sales are in China, well past America's market share of 24%. Since 2015, has surpassed all American retailers combined (including Amazon, Walmart and eBay) in sales figures. Dutch brands made about 1.25 billion euros in trade turnover on Alibaba's department stores Tmall and Tmall Global in the financial year March 2017 – March 2018. It now concerns more than a hundred Dutch retailers and brands. The focus of Alibaba is not on Europe, by the way, says managing director Roland Palmer of Alibaba Benelux to Retail trends. “We are already quite big in the Netherlands without doing anything for it,” says Palmer. The Netherlands is one of the leading groups in which AliExpress to supplies.

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