Email marketing with MailChimp manual (EN)

Email marketing with MailChimp manual (EN)

Email marketing with MailChimp manual (EN)

Mailchimp manual

You may have heard it before: e-mails are old-fashioned and out and social media is awful. As a company you should focus on likes, followers and subscribers. But how does everyone register on social media? How are you informed that you can enter your meter readings again? Which digital channel do you always check? Indeed: e-mail.

Why Email Marketing?

E-mail moves the conversation about your company to a more personal environment: the inbox. E-mail marketing drives traffic to your website, provides the most direct translation from conversion to sales and is an excellent means to bind your customers to you. You can vary the content of the e-mail per recipient and the success of e-mail can easily be measured. And it is more businesslike than a Twitter or Facebook.

Why MailChimp?

  • FREE up to 2000 mail addresses per month;
  • Extremely user-friendly;
  • Including AB testing and marketing automation;
  • Nice analysis and reporting afterwards;
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and many plugins.

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Email Marketing with MailChimp

This one free Dutch MailChimp manual is intended as a practical guide for small businesses and organizations with no more than 2000 newsletter readers per month. You will find practical tips, explanations and examples in this manual. MailChimp is free and offers enough options. You learn how to use MailChimp for your newsletter. As a next step, offers periodic writing of content for the website and newsletter.
Bloeise helps companies with the optimal use of MailChimp as a marketing tool.