Prevent entrepreneurial risks with a VCA course

Mitigating entrepreneurial risks with VCA course

Prevent entrepreneurial risks with a VCA course

Whoever 'works with hands' as an entrepreneur runs a risk. Unsafe situations can lead to high claims and (physical) accidents. Luckily these kinds of problems can be prevented, but measures must be taken for this. Arranging a VCA is a good start.

What is VCA?

The abbreviation 'VCA' stands for 'Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors'. This checklist was devised to increase safety in the workplace. With a VCA you can be sure that the company meets all safety requirements and that every employee in the company is aware of the latest rules regarding safety.

It is so important to follow a course because it can prevent industrial accidents. Much needed, because an industrial accident can cause a lot of costs and (physical) injury. Ignorance is often the culprit of an accident. A VCA course ensures that safety awareness is increased, which reduces the chance of an accident. You can do it Pass VCA exam in 1 day.

The VCA was an initiative of contractors from petrochemical companies in 1994, but nowadays the certification applies to everyone: from petrochemical companies to landscaping and from painting companies to self-employed people. An associated course is not required by law, but the information covered during the course does come directly from the law. Many entrepreneurs therefore make the course mandatory for employees.

Risks and Choices

VCA course exam in 1 day

An entrepreneur always runs risks. Especially if there are staff and work is done by hand. A common mistake is trying to tackle every problem. There should be the entrepreneur make the right choices: which problems do or do not belong to the knowledge area, and above all: can the problem be solved in a safe way?

Problems and choices are inextricably linked. Behind every choice is a problem. There is always a choice. Therefore, think in advance which problems you can and cannot handle. That can prevent a lot of inconvenience.

Preventing claims

entrepreneurial risk

We already mentioned the entrepreneur who works with his hands. This is an entrepreneur who risk runs. If work is done incorrectly or if a serious work accident occurs, the entrepreneur can get into trouble. That is why arranging a VCA is so important.

In terms of costs, such a checklist also offers advantages for entrepreneurs. Costs as a result of accidents, incidents and health complaints are often high, as are the associated costs for legal settlement. By eliminating (read: preventing) these problems in the first place, it is protected against these kinds of claims.

Workout for everyone

Training is not only important for the entrepreneur, but for everyone. The right papers and protocols are just as important for a company as a driver's license is for a driver. A certificate ensures that there is accurate knowledge and expertise in the field of safety. Colleagues can transfer this knowledge to each other.

VCA Basis is an example of a diploma in the field of safe and healthy work. It is intended for executive employees without a managerial role. The graduate can recognize unsafe situations and actions and can prevent accidents at work. Clients often ask for this diploma if risky work has to be performed.

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