Entrepreneurs: you better know what you are liable for

Business liability insurance for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs: you better know what you are liable for

Most customer contacts take place online, via the internet. This reduces the chance of claims for damages as a result of physical encounters. Then you quickly think: what could happen to me and why should I take out liability insurance for my company? Just sit down for a while. Because whatever you do, risks are always lurking. And you better be well insured against that.

Business risks change with the digital era. This also includes liability risks, which are closely related to what you do. For example, if you are a freelancer specialized in data analyses, this entails different risks than when you run a webshop. Making a simple and realistic risk inventory yourself will help you choose appropriate liability insurance. For smaller entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, who do not have directors, supervisory directors or supervisors, there are two important variants: general liability insurance for companies and professional liability insurance.

Liability insurance for companies – there is really no getting around it

Industrial accident insurance

With the general liability insurance for companies (AVB), you cover personal and property damage that is directly related to your business activities. For example: you have a showroom and a customer makes an ugly slipper on your polished tile floor. He breaks a leg, sits at home and holds you liable. Your insurance will then cover the legal and medical costs associated with this personal injury or personal injury.

You cannot avoid this insurance if you love your company. Even if you work mostly online and customers don't come to you, there are always reasons to visit your customers from time to time. Suppose you go there to give a presentation and you damage the equipment in the boardroom. Then it is good for your reputation if you can immediately indicate that you are properly insured for this form of property damage.

Professional liability insurance – making professional mistakes is human

Calculating business risks

The second variant is the professional liability insurance (BAV). In the English insurance world it is sometimes referred to as the errors and omissions insurance (loosely translated: “errors and negligence insurance”), a nice description that contains the essence. With professional liability insurance you are covered against claims for damages that are the result of professional errors and negligence. A tax advice that turns out wrong, for example, as a result of which your customer demonstrably suffers financial loss. That can put you on a hefty claim.

The way we work has changed a lot. This entails 'new liability risks', all the more so as today's clients and consumers want to be proven right at the slightest thing and go to court. Not all claims will be hard to make, but you better have good insurance for them. The procedure alone to demonstrate that you have not made any professional mistakes can cost you a lot of money.

Doing business today

SME or self-employed, experienced entrepreneur or starter, new ways of working and innovative partnerships require a new look at the liability risks associated with our work. do you want you calculate liability insurance? Then soberly map out the risks that are realistic for you and what financial claims may be involved. After all, what you work hard for every day deserves appropriate protection.


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