Experience trend 2020: sim racing with F1 simulator


Being able to really experience and experience something: it is becoming increasingly important in the entertainment segment. Consumers want to be close to the action and experience something as if they were actually there. For example, through large screens, VR applications and audio effects. Partly for this reason, for example, more and more games are being released in VR – so that you are really 'in' the game. Combined with the ever-growing popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands, we had to wait for the next experience trend: Sim racing with an F1 simulator. And such a F1 simulator you can now easily rent for any event.

From training material to entertainment resource

Simulators in themselves are not new. Simulators have been used for decades to train pilots or crane operators, for example. However, with the technological advancements of recent years, they have become a lot easier (and cheaper) to manufacture, making high-quality simulation accessible to the masses.

This offers great opportunities in light of the current experience trend: sim racing for example. An application like this is radically different from an evening on your Xbox or PlayStation and that has everything to do with the experience.

Different types and sizes

Simulators come in many different varieties. Some work with VR, where you have a VR glasses set up and really in the virtual world. In general, of course, that offers the best experience. But simulators without a VR application also offer a lot of extras compared to your own game console. In an F1 simulator, for example, you really sit in the driver's position in the simulator and in some cases, if no VR is used, you do use a large, curved screen that covers your entire field of view.

This makes such a simulator really of a completely different order than the old game devices that you mainly saw in large arcades in the past. Yes, this included racing games, but it's important to realize that a real simulator offers significantly more experience and quality. In addition, good F1 simulators also feature official F1 features, such as the real circuits. That does something to your experience.

Turnout by Formula 1

These kinds of simulators are very popular in recent times and that has of course everything to do with the current popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands. F1 simulators are therefore increasingly used during events and are met with a lot of enthusiasm. They are therefore a good example of how a sudden social trend can have an impact on events, and also on business fairs, for example.

Future of F1 Simulators

Will the popularity end as soon as Max Verstappen retires? Apart from the fact that this will still take quite a few years, the experience trend (not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide) will of course continue. Simulators continue to evolve and will become more and more realistic. So while F1 might lose some popularity in the future, simulators are likely to become so truthful that they will continue to be a success at any event. In that respect, the future of all simulators, and also that of F1 simulators, seems assured.


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