Facebook giveaways: what is allowed and what is not allowed?

like, share and win!

Facebook giveaways: what is allowed and what is not allowed?

like, share and win!

You see them regularly: friends who share a commercial message because they can win a new kitchen / sofa / piece of clothing. Not everyone is charmed by that, including Facebook itself. Regardless of whether or not a Facebook giveaway is a good marketing tool: the rules have recently changed, and they are not equally clear to everyone. That's why the question: what can and can't you do with Facebook?

Facebook promotions and giveaways policy

On www.facebook.com/policies you can read the guidelines for Facebook pages. You must adhere to the following points for promotions:

“Comply with applicable regulations”

These are rules that apply to all promotions, regardless of the platform be it Facebook or your own website.

But also, for example, a promotion by an alcohol brand or tobacco brand: there are rules for that.

Share and win action on Facebook

Is this Share action allowed according to the Facebook rules?

“Offer terms and conditions and eligibility requirements”

Under what conditions can you participate? Think of minimum age or a restriction in place of residence, but also for example: duration, exclusion of employees, how is the winner selected, what happens if the prize winner does not respond, are prizes transferable, liability, what happens to the personal data, correspondence about the ruling, derive rights from the conditions… These are conditions that you must draw up for every promotion, regardless of whether Facebook is the platform.

Facebook-specific conditions: what exactly do you have to do to participate in the promotion (like / post photo), what is not allowed.

“Complete waiver from Facebook”

  • Clearly state that the promotion is yours, and that Facebook is in no way affiliated with the promotion.
  • Make it clear that you as a company collect personal data, and not Facebook.

Well, the above points are self-evident. However, the following line has been changed at the end of August, gives facebook On:

Promotions may be managed on Pages or in Facebook apps. Personal timelines may not be used to administer promotions (e.g., “share on your timeline to enter” or “share on your friends' timeline for a higher chance of winning” is not allowed).”

Like share and lose Facebook action

A creative inhaker who is allowed: everyone wins and can buy the product at a competitive price, except for one loser.

“Personal Timelines”

'Share and win' is therefore not allowed. What is allowed?

  • 'like and win', on a message or photo.
  • 'react and win' to a post on photo.
  • 'Send a message' to the page. (note whether or not you show messages on your page)
  • 'the most likes', ie the amount of likes as a voting mechanism, on a sent message or photo.

And tag?

Tagging is under a different heading under the Facebook policy, so tagging is not allowed:

You may not incorrectly tag content or encourage users to incorrectly tag content (eg, do not encourage others to tag themselves in photos they are not in).


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