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How do you get more traffic to your website through Facebook? Facebook expert Jon Loomer answers that question in this video. A question I hear more and more, since we are starting to see the possibilities of Facebook Ads in the Netherlands. The video is 2 years old, so the 4th answer is outdated, but the other 3 are still just as relevant:

3 tips from Jon Loomer for more website traffic

  1. Post links on Facebook
    For Jon's Facebook page it works better to do link shares than photo shares with the link below. He says that based on his own statistics; it may vary per page, but now it's final: Facebook likes to show where it sends its users. A link share therefore does better. Two years ago, Jon posted mornings and evenings, but now He is on something like 2 or 3 times a week. Use Bit.ly to track your clicks.
  2. Promote your post to fans
    So paid reach. First Jon says about this: focus on your fans who otherwise wouldn't get your message. So this is paying for traffic that was previously free. They no longer see your messages for various reasons: too little interaction is the main one. Promote those posts that provide interaction and boost your organic reach of all your posts.
  3. Promote posts to specific audiences
    This is what Jon calls strategic posts. Choose relevant posts for specific target groups; use all types of available segmentation options. Jon's tip: use custom audiences in Facebook Ads.

Tip four was about Sponsored Stories, but that is defunct. The above three tips work. Do you have any tips? (question to encourage interaction ;))



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