Fanbooster: “Facebook is now a full-fledged marketing platform”

Fanbooster facebook is a full-fledged marketing platform

Fanbooster: “Facebook is now a full-fledged marketing platform”

Last week Online Business Media organized an afternoon session about Facebook Ads together with Fanbooster. “Facebook is no longer just a social platform, it has now become a full-fledged marketing tool for businesses,” says Alexander Grimstad, VP Marketing at Fanbooster.

Fanbooster is a Norwegian software company that focuses exclusively on Facebook: “In the beginning, when Facebook was only for students and suddenly it also became available for secondary schools, everyone thought that would be the end of Facebook. The same was said when Facebook also allowed companies on Facebook, in 2007. And also in 2012, when Facebook made its IPO, the expectation was expressed that Facebook would disappear. Facebook continues to grow for the time being,” Grimstad says. “Marketers need to be well aware of the potential of Facebook and the results you can achieve with it. There is quite a lot of advertising on Facebook, but little in the right ways and often without clear objectives. Brands should look at sales.”

Read the interview on Dutch Cowboys

Update 10-08-15
This article on Skift talks about how finally gets what they expect from Facebook. This is remarkable because, as the largest hotel booking site in the world, was also co-responsible for the development as the largest advertiser on Google Adwords. They spent so much money (1 million per day) that their wishes went directly to product development. That party is now doing the same with Facebook Ads. Exactly as Grimstad says in the interview: Facebook Ads is a full-fledged marketing platform.




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