This is how you find staff in corona times

Finding staff during corona times

This is how you find staff in corona times

The corona crisis has caused many staff to sit at home. This means that there is a large supply of personnel. If you are looking for new employees, it seems that you should have no problem with that. At least when it comes to the available offer. However, it does not mean that everyone who is at home is also suitable to work at your company or organization. Discover here how to find suitable staff in times of corona.

Look beyond just a resume

It is obvious to post a vacancy, to which an enormous number of responses can then be expected. That takes a lot of time and often CVs are put to the side that at first sight are not satisfactory. There is often a missed opportunity, where Headhunter Netherlands that chance is not low. Maes & Lunau for example, looks beyond obvious solutions. The classic way of searching is an excellent starting point, but there are more aspects that are important to find the best staff in times of corona. For example, the personality and the motives that hide behind a person. Of course it is advisable to also look at the competencies and the training and work experience. It is precisely in this corona time that there are opportunities to discover new talent that is less obvious at first sight.

Look at previously left staff

Outgoing staff

Another way to find staff in times of corona is by looking at staff who have left. There is a possibility that staff who previously left the company will now be available on the labor market again due to corona. Re-hiring former employees, of course, has an advantage. That is, these employees are already familiar with the company, so that little or no time has to be spent on a training period. From a practical point of view, this is also ideal, since it is then not necessary to integrate people digitally via working from home.

Digital search for new employees

There are always several options available to look for new employees in this corona time. For example, digital search for new staff is an option, such as via LinkedIn. It is also an option to let employees within their own company share the digital search via their channels. Or ask employees if they know people who are suitable to work at your company.

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