Four crucial tips for the novice affiliate marketer 


In a previous blog post we have already paid attention to the phenomenon of affiliate marketing. Hereby the products or services of brand or company X are promoted or offered on website Y. Affiliate marketing can initially sound like a simple way to make money quickly as a publisher. You throw in some marketing resources and ask for a fee for every lead, visitor or sale. Simple right? Not really, because website visitors are not crazy and good affiliate marketing listens closely. Those who want to make a good conversion and generate significant income should be well prepared. We help you as an affiliate marketer with four crucial tips.

Tip 1: Research first, then start

If you are going to make a (large) purchase yourself, you will probably first do some research to determine which brand or company you will buy from. In the same way you should deal with the parties that you work with for your affiliate marketing. Do you actually know the products, services or brands that you want to promote on your site well? For this it is very valuable to get in touch with the companies for whom you collect leads. Get to know them and become friends. Good cooperation is half the battle and brings us to ...

Tip 2: Always be current

The worst impression you can make is an outdated one. If you recommend a fashion company, you do not want to show the collection of last season. It affects your credibility and you know one thing for sure: you will never see this visitor again. So keep in touch with the brands that you represent and make sure that you are kept informed of new campaigns, expressions, brand styles or other matters that are relevant to you.

Tip 3: Do what you are good at

And in this case it mainly means: don't do what you are not good at. You have not been 'hired' as a publisher to advise customers or to make deals. You have been hired to send as many hot leads as possible. That means you are not substantive with potential leads enter into a conversation and that you do not specify any prices or rates. Emphasize the benefits of the product or brand that you are promoting. Explain what value it adds to the life of the lead. And then quickly refer to the place where he can find more information: the website of the provider.

Tip 4: Measure your success and improve

As with everything in the online world, you can only be successful as an affiliate marketer if you know how well you are doing. Register with an affiliate network (such as DaisyCon) and use (one of) the many affiliate marketing tools (such as PrettyLink). Make sure you know how your site is performing and, in particular: where you can improve. You can still love that one image - if it is not clicked on, it must clear the field. Put everything in the service of the number of clicks. Beautiful pieces of prose are great, but do not yield any money in themselves. Forwarded leads are. That is your success. Measure it, be critical and improve continuously.

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