Marketing Session FAQ

Marketing Session FAQ

Marketing Session FAQ

Are you interested in our telephone marketing sessions but still have some questions? Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not included? take Contact on!


For marketers, marketing assistants, all-round something with a promotion person, communication specialists, managers and entrepreneurs. You want to achieve something with marketing and you can't. Or you want a second opinion.

If you think the amount of € 99 including VAT is already quite high, then you should definitely not do it. In that case, your budget is simply too small to actually use the insights and tips you get. On you will find a wealth of background articles and explanations about online marketing, all for free. Follow the newsletter. When more budget becomes available and you really want to take steps, I will be happy to help.

You will be called by an experienced marketing expert who has studied your situation beforehand. He (or in the future she too) knows what you want to achieve and has an idea of your market. In the conversation, he verifies your objectives (the why), the means to get there (the what) and the strategy (the how). His goal is to help you on your way as much as possible.

We are also happy to help out for companies, but also for consumers with a business plan.

Then don't do it. First make sure you have a clear picture of where you stand and where you want to go. Then see how you get there. Our marketing sessions are a means to that end, but of course there are many. First follow Bloeise, on social media or in the newsletter, to get a feel for our view and method.


Under each relevant page you will find a suitable session. In step one, you can also schedule another session. Currently there are five sessions: marketing question, online marketing, content marketing, Facebook marketing and Google marketing. The emphasis in each session is on your situation and the marketing possibilities. The sessions are not focused on one specific resource such as Adwords or Facebook Ads.

We strive for a valuable session in which we help you immediately. Our help is not required for that next step. If you want to start a follow-up process with us, we will be happy to support you. But our approach is a one-time session.

This length forces you to zoom in to a manageable piece. In it, we have enough time to discuss the main challenges and identify the next steps. For complicated markets and products where prior knowledge is a requirement before you can say anything meaningful, a marketing session is less appropriate. If we see this in our preparation, we will sound the alarm in good time and canceling and repaying is an option.

We read the input of your marketing question and any given background. We look at the website, profiles on social media, any marketing communications and the presence in Google. We do desk research into the demand and your market. We use this to analyze the situation and identify areas for improvement.

No, if by that you mean a bulky book. The best plans fit on an A4 sheet. In this marketing session you will receive feedback on your marketing, consultation with a marketing specialist with a lot of experience.


You will receive feedback on your objective, strategy and implementation. You will receive this in the form of points for improvement and suggestions. Note these during the session. These are tasks to plan, points to verify and possibly discuss and new goals to pursue. For example: schedule a keyword research, inform which sales colleagues want to write a blog and strive for more quality.

No. The success of your company does not only depend on your marketing, but also on your product or service, your target group, your market, competition, legislation and obligations, technological developments, previous publicity and future reporting and ... etc. Marketing is an important part of your success, but it remains a part. With the marketing session, Bloeise makes a best efforts commitment — a valuable marketing session — but cannot give any guarantees.

In the marketing session, it may become apparent that you need further assistance to achieve your goals. For example, there is insufficient manpower, specialist knowledge or continuity. We are happy to help with the implementation. The first step is a no-obligation conversation to discuss the specific wishes. Then we think along with you about the precise interpretation. Bloeise works with several specialized agencies.


With this approach, low-threshold advice is possible: affordable and quickly planned and done. In consultation, a marketing session in Den Helder is possible for a number of months a year. Take first Contact for the possibilities.

There is always two days between the reservation and the marketing session. You have a cooling-off period of fourteen days for purchasing a service. If you choose a session within fourteen days, you shorten your reflection time. When you conduct the marketing session, you also order preparation. For convenience, this preparation starts the day before the session. So you can cancel the marketing session up to a day before the session without any costs. Do you cancel within a day of the marketing session? Then a proportional fee will be charged for the payment. You can easily cancel by email. Respond to the confirmation and save your cancellation.

Yes. You can schedule multiple sessions via the booking form. We can also schedule a new session after the session, with advance billing. Do you want a long-term program? Bloeise offers a B2B blogging course which runs over the phone over eight weeks. take Contact for specific wishes and a personal offer.

That is very sad to hear. We do everything we can to prepare well with a suitable story. We would like to hear about what exactly you are dissatisfied with: about the content? The process? The person who called? The final result? Contact us by email. We want to know what you expected and what we can do to improve your experience.

Of course we prefer to hear that. You help us through your experiences by mail to send. We are happy to use these in our communication. You can also leave a review in Google and on Facebook.